A few words from Shane

I would like to thank my friends who have stood beside me, supported me and encouraged me, pushed and shoved me you have been my mirrors.


To my family who have taught me so much. My Dad William who is my Dad and my best friend, if I can be half the dad that you are to my boys then I will be happy.


To Andrew Gadd that encouraged me to take my first steps with spirit for the adventures and laughter of those early years and for your friendship ever since.


To Sarah my beloved best friend and play mate. Each day shared with you is a day filled with tender love, joy and happiness. Life with you is full of passion and adventure, it's a blessing, you also bring the big kid out in me . You came into my life with so much light and gentleness  your a rare beautiful soul Sarah I love you very much. 

To Matt and Gwennie and your wonderful girls thank you for all the Adventures shared, moments that last a lifetime. Thank you for reflecting all of what is good and and great in this world. For your love kindness and home from home, for the many 2 wheeled crazy adventures, I have grown so much from being around you guys and for that I am truly grateful, rare beautiful souls.   

To Robin M and Emma T that have become like family supporting and nurturing my vision and making this website possible, for the love and laughter and growth, your ones in a million.


To Sally Elizabeth you been a constant light in my life, heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all the sharing and listening you are a gentle soul.


To Mark T and Jo cole for such a true amazing friendship, thanks Mark for all the adventures and there has been many normally around a beer, bread and a mountain or two. For all the times we have seen each other through, you are a rare and unique friend, words don't express the thanks.


To Richard H for all the hours and days shared, all the cycling adventures and chats, for all your support especially when the chips were down you acted selflessly and that is never forgotten.


To Lynda E i've only known you a short time yet you and your lovely family are family to me.


To Kai and Tristan my two special boys who have invoked the big kid in me, and given me a huge drive to do what I can to change this world for the better. You both are my inspiration to make a change that benefits you and the future, you are a absolute blessing.



To all my lovely people that I have shared time with and met on Oranum and the many great experiences we have shared you all have touched me in more ways than your know.


To the many others who remind me that life is special. Without you all I would not be who I am and where I am today, I'm in heartfelt gratitude.

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