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Midsummer Spell Craft for the Season

Magic isn't something that we believe is taught - it's shared; and for us it's rarely performed for another, yet on the occasions it is, it's for those closest to us.

Magic is something that is to be discovered, to explore and to be found, personally.

Often shared from Grandmother to Mother to Daughter or Father to Son and so on...


The Mechanics of Magic

Ours is a nature-based belief and we use the seasons, herbs, colours, candles, the moon and the sun to help with spells to attain our dreams and desires, and those of others.


Think back to childhood birthdays, a cake full of candles, surrounded by friends and family, and love. You were told to blow out the candles and make a wish: that is the foundation of candle magic right there!

Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spellcasting, and as such, it doesn’t require a lot of fancy ritual or ceremonial tools. In other words, anyone with a candle can cast a spell.

Think back again  to when you made a wish before you blew out the candles on your birthday cake. The same idea applies to candle magic, only instead of just hoping for your wish to come true, you're declaring your intent. 


 As a Hedge Witch works with one foot between the worlds, The Hedge is a powerful metaphor. A space between worlds, Beyond the Hedge is the wisdom of those that have come before us who carry a lantern of light, yet it also holds the spark of who are yet to come.. 

What Is Magic?

What is Magic?

Magic: it comes from deep within, harnessing all that moves through the cosmos, with grace and heart…  Candle Magic is as Old as Flame and Fire itself, it's Woven... Every spell is a journey...


So, what really are magic spells ?


By casting a spell, you are performing a ritual act activating a change or a movement in the path you want your life to go.  Be sure you are extremely clear about what you truly want; It’s normal to perform spells at home by creating a sacred space in the beginning. When it comes to your personal space, let it be safe, calm, and full of positive energy.

Approach your magic slowly, becoming present... believe in your spell and the way you perform it. As long as you feel empowered when doing it, the magic will take hold. Yet at the same time have realistic expectations of the result...  Let the natural order of things unfold.. 


If magic spells are not associated with your inner intentions as well as forward action, they are just worthless. In other words, getting help from spells and rituals will bring more opportunities to your life; however, it’s still up to your own decisions to grab those opportunities and achieve what you crave for. Your efforts and patience will be worth the wait if you meet the Magic and the Candle with full presence  and gently stay concentrated throughout the  casting and your weaving...


Defining your intention


Intentions are very significant in the practice of witchcraft.

What is your intent? What do you want to achieve?

When working with the Spiritual Force, the energy that runs through all things, you have to be as much specific as possible. Don’t be too general, or it will bring confusions to your spell. Moreover, avoid using negative words or sentences. Simple Magic is often the best.. strong solid words and actions.. Writing your own spell will always hold so much power and bring the magic alive.. 


And how do we get to that? The effective way I have found is to write down your intentions in your journal (dedicate a journal to magic ) or just a piece of paper. When writing it down, you need to describe your desire with clear, meaningful words, helping you understand things you want better. What’s more? Let the words be clear yet of heart. 


If you think about it, the birthday candle ritual is based on three key magical principles:


Decide on a goal.


Visualise the end result.


Focus your intent, or will, to manifest that result.



Choosing a Candle


Most magical systems will tell you that the size of your candle really isn't important. In fact, really big candles may be counterproductive. For instance, a candle that takes three days to burn can be highly distracting to someone working a spell that depends on the candle burning all the way down. Yet you can blow that candle out and relight it the next evening with the intent that the spell is still running.. 


Typically, a short taper candle could work best. 


Candle Colours


When it comes to colours, you may wish to have a variety on hand for different magical purposes. Work with a sense of intuition and association when it comes to colour.. 


Using Your Candle in Magic 


After you've selected a candle, oil or dress it before burning. This is a method by which you'll establish a psychic link between you and the candle itself. In other words, you're charging the candle with your own energy and personal vibrations and projecting your intent into the wax before you burn it.


To dress a candle, you'll need a natural oil; many practitioners like to use grapeseed because it has no smell. Another option is to use your own blended special candle magic oils remember my Chilli Oil as an oil for clearing the way?

Begin at the top of the candle, and rub the oil down to the middle. Then, begin at the base of the candle and rub the oil up towards the middle, ending where the first coating of oil left off.

In some traditions, the anointing is done just the opposite way; start in the middle and work your way towards the two ends.


If your working calls for herbs to be used as well, roll the oiled candle in the powdered herbs until it is coated all the way around. It's important to remember, however, that a candle is just a tool. It is not inherently magical but a way to create magic using the element of fire to set one's intention into motion. Just as other tools used with magical intent are, candles should be spiritually cleansed before they're included in a spell.


The most basic form of candle magic uses a piece of coloured paper that matches the intent of your candle. Decide what your goal is, and write it on the piece of paper.

Divination & Responding to How The Candle Burns

In many magical traditions, candles are used for divinatory purposes. The two most commonly used methods of candle divination are reading the wax and the way that the candle actually burns.


To divine by the way the candle burns, you'll have to pay attention to whether the candle burns low or tall,

if it flickers, or it is calm,

if there's more than one flame.

Two flames could mean someone from the spirit world is joining you, to assist in your magic.

Even the colours found in the flame may give you a hint about the effectiveness of your spell.


I have had candles flicker in a very dynamic way... things are being worked through.

I even had a flame go out... I knew the magic was done.



Alternatively, if you want to divine by reading the candle wax, you'll need to drop the melted wax into a bowl of cold water. The wax will harden almost immediately and form shapes.

Use these shapes to get the answers to your questions, much as you would if you were reading tea leaves.


  • Light a white candle , pour yourself some rose tea!! cleanse your gazing mirror with charged spring water and let the Magic begin

Mirror Mirror Of The Truth 

Show us Who We Are With Proof 

Charged by Prayer and Full/New Moon Light 

Show Our Truths in Full, Plain Sight!! 

Gaze gently for 10 mins and then gently journal any thoughts as suggested in the videos above x 


New or Full Moon - Mirror Spell 
Let's begin


1. Place a circle of stones in the center to represent the sun.
2. Put four candles in each direction of the circle.
3. Face south. Behind you, towards the north, place everything from which you are walking away. These can be written down or represented by objects.
4. In front of you, towards the south, place everything that is joining with you in strength , goodness and power.
5. To the left of you in the east, place everything you want to learn and manifest in your life.
6. Once all the items are in place you are going to light the candles in the order of north, south, west, then east.
7. After they are lit, say these words: “Power of the sun we now are one, shine forth all that is to come, release all that is done, now bring in the fun, for everyone.”

While you can certainly perform the ritual alone, the more the merrier. “It’s particularly nice to have a gathering with friends, music, song and dance, and a wonderful healthy feast to close  the ritual,and let the wild shenanigans start.

If you are blessed to be able to perform this rite outside around a fire circle, why not at sunset create a path safely through your fire and one by one walk through that pathway, and as you do clap, sing and cheer!! 


Approaching Summer Solstice 

As we waxed towards full moon,

I went & sat in Duir Oak Ken
One sunny day in June

Meeting him with reverence
With loving hug did greet,
I sat amongst his branches
And gently journeyed deep...

We made our soul connection
As my roots with his entwined
(He's always been familiar,
No accident this find!)

I ventured to the underworld,
Deep truths there to uncover,
With shifters, shovellers, buriers & burrowers,
A journey like no other.

From grubs and bugs to moles and voles,
My companions numbered many,
All helping me to make my way
With feet, snouts & antennae!

I journeyed deep to a place of quiet,
Right in the heart of Gaia,
She held me safe as we shared our joy
And danced around the fire.

I asked her for some wisdom
A message to impart,
"Appreciate all of your life
And love with all your heart!

"For all the world is one", she said
"There is no you and I,
We are like leaves on one big tree,
Without us, it would die"

She didn't mean just humans, 
All animals and plants,
Even the soil we walk upon
Is part of this merry dance.

So step around the scurrying ants,
Allow the weeds to grow,
Tread gently on our ancestors,
For that's the ground, you know.

Walk carefully 'pon Mother Earth,
And celebrate her glory,
Connect with all her children oft
And listen to their story.

Tune in to all the calls of birds,
And buzzings of the bees,
The sounds of all the creatures
And the whispers of the trees,

Take time to sit and listen
And then you'll understand,
We all are one and all required,

For the journey of this land.

By Me! 1/6/23 Jo Holmes 


Nature of Me

I am no angel.
My feet are caked with dirt,
my thoughts like tainted snow,
my halo is askew
where my antlers want to grow.
That is the nature of me.

I am atoms and moondust
and laughter and tears,
sand, mud, and blood,
lightning, drought, and fears.
I am a force of nature.

With these freckles and wrinkles
and creaks, groans, and flaws
and magic and desires,
teeth, sneers, and claws;
with my history
and perspectives
dogmas and views
I swing from one tree branch
into another mood.

I am a freak of nature.

I am no angel,
just as nature meant for me.

My spirit outlined clearly
in impressions that I leave
as I step and I dance
and I spin and I sprawl,
as I write and I sing
and I stretch and I fall.

I am moss and the earth,
part root and part cone,
wings and some fur
and tendons and bone.

Though I know I'm no angel
I make snow-white wings
to soar my wild mind
where nature still sings.
That is the nature of me.

Heather McElwain 2016



How about this for an adorable little love spell?!

It can be used either to bring about a new love, or to sweeten one that has perhaps soured...

What you need: 

  • Honey jar

  • Pen

  • Paper

How to cast:

 Write down your intention. Write a letter to your future / current partner.. 

It could go something like this: 

“Whether you are reading this before you meet me, or stumble upon it after, I want you to know a few things.

The reason I am writing this today is because I can’t stop thinking about you, and I can’t stop myself from imagining how happy we will be. Let this letter be a promise to you that I will do my best to be the man/ woman I want to be for you.

"I may not yet know all of the difficulties that come with a lifetime commitment, but I have enough  experience to know what I want and how I picture my life with the person I will commit to: you.


Those around me are a continuous source of education and inspiration on how I want our relationship to be. So here and today, I vow to be my best to do the following:"


(let the words come, let them come from the heart and let them flow) 


Fold the paper three times (another “three” here), so that it fits perfectly in the honey jar.

Before you close the jar, take some of the honey out and use it in a cup of tea. As you sip your honey tea, repeat this mantra, either out loud or in your head: 

“As I take this tea, come to me, you will be this sweet to me.”

“As I take this tea, come to me, you will be this sweet to me.”

“As I take this tea, come to me, you will be this sweet to me.”

Once you finish your tea, the spell has been set. The next thing to do is close the spell with finishing touches. Put the lid on your honey jar and bury it somewhere safe. It’s best if it’s a place nearby blooming flowers or herbs. Wherever there are things blooming or growing is the best thing to do.



Casting love charms on Friday nights is wildly successful. This is because its Freya’s day, Freya is the Goddess, of Love Healing and Magic, a day  which signifies tenderness, love, and courtship, occurs on a Friday.


If you want to try your hand at spell casting, the New Moon is one of the most significant times to do it since it marks the beginning of a new cycle and the beginning of new possibilities.

And of Course the 1st of May, full of Magic and strong connections to Love!!

Talking Stick Rite for Couples 

Invite your partner to participate in this talking stick ritual with you, and find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. You could perform it in a peaceful setting at home or in a comfortable spot in nature.


Note: Share the steps of this ritual with your partner beforehand so they’re equally prepared.

What you’ll need:

  • A pen and paper

  • Roses or rose oil

  • Candle, lighter, and fireproof dish

Step 1

Prior to the ritual, identify a wound, an old issue that casts a shadow over your relationship. Take a few moments to contemplate the following questions:

  • Why have I allowed this upset to simmer?

  • What holds me back from speaking my truth?

  • What price does the relationship pay by my not speaking up?

  • What benefits may accrue by bringing this concern to light?

Jot down your responses to these questions on paper to help clarify your thoughts.

(Bare in mind it's important to foster an approach that is beyond "being right"..!)


Step 2


Begin the ritual by making sure you and your partner are facing one another, maintaining eye contact the entire time. If you are doing this ritual at home, light a candle.


On a small piece of paper, write down the old injury and then show the paper to your partner. Tell them in detail what hurt or upset you at the time. Share any feelings that are currently coming up as you revisit that time.

Your partner’s role is to listen or perhaps ask questions, not to defend or explain.


Step 3

Talk about what you could have done differently to obtain a more constructive outcome. Tell your partner what you wish they would have done differently and see how your partner responds.


If you have a current request for your partner that will help release the negativity you carry, share that as well.

If an apology is needed by one or both of you, make that repair.


Step 4

Next, address what needs to change in your relationship for both of you to move forward. Be specific and make a verbal commitment to whatever action is needed.

Step 5

Release your resentment by lighting the candle and burning your written resentments in the fireproof dish.

Express appreciation for coming together to listen and let go. Add a verbal commitment to do things differently than you have, then exchange a hug, kiss, or hand squeeze to seal your intention.

Step 6

If you lit a candle, sprinkle rose oil around it to seal in love. Or exchange roses as a symbol of your devotion; place the roses in a vase as a reminder of the letting go ritual and the love that tethers you.

Handfasting 2.png


The word "honeymoon" itself is derived from the Scandinavian practice of drinking mead, or fermented honey, during the first month of the marriage.. Going back as  far as the 5th century – early pagan cultures kept time by marking the progression of the moon, and newlywed couples were encouraged to indulge in honey wine, also known as mead, during the first month, or moon, of their marriage. They would head off and spend time alone.. A beautiful and Magical time..

Handfasting 3.png
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