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Midsummer Videos - Development Resources

The world continues to rupture, break, fracture and crack open!! 

Yet joy is an act of resistance!

And in the words of @Lucy_aitkenread - ( who is truly worth a follow, especially if you are exploring wholesome pathways anchored in education, Not all learning takes place in the classroom. ) 


" We've been living under the yoke of capitalism for many generations, and have somewhat internalised the idea that joy is a frivolous, waste of time when we should be being productive.


Every time you choose something joyful you are choosing resilience against the myths and messages that capitalism wants you to feel.


Things like: you aren't valuable unless you are being productive, you don't have the right to happiness, joy is a privilege and you haven't earned it.


Joy is a natural human state and it's yours for the taking. " 

am The Sunrise and The Sunset, I am beyond the hedge and The Hedge itself. I am otherworldly , I am the liminal, I am both dusk and dawn, twilight and early morning.

Reflections and some beautiful, powerful, heart-breaking medicine stories from our recent Midsummer Earth Journey and Rite.. 


Here's how to tap into the midsummer magic!
Using the magic of Midsummer night, the enchanted song-light through the woods we build a fire to charge up our potency, weave a garland of prayers with wildflowers and herbs for the next generations of Earth protectors, float it down river watched over by the otherworld and the innate.


Love Transparency & Truth Is What Drives Spirit Contact!!
Today I was reflecting on the core of Mediumship and “ Holistic Mediumship” in particular, a phrase Spirit coined over a decade ago!! For me what drives contact from the other side of life, is their love for you, this is the primary force that drives contact!! That Love for you is what then drives their desire to nourish, nurture and assist your life moving forwards, this is often anchored in transparency and at times painful truths!! Yet always delivered with Love and Grace!! This is deep work, it's a true privilege, an honour to deliver and serve it!! At the heart of it, it's anchored in identifying the root that is yearning and calling to be healed and become whole, I see my work in supporting that process, to nurture my clients into deep alignment.. Everyday I am deeply moved as I sit with the most courageous and incredible people, who are undergoing the greatest of journeys of their lives!!! Often so raw, and so real, I witness the most beautiful transformations. We meet as strangers and yet leave as not, sharing the most incredible experiences.. This is Deep Work.. This work is all about connection, connection to one self, to each other and to those we have lost and to all that is good and great in this world!!


Are You an Agent of Change?
What change is stirring in you? “find your passion and act on it” embodies my definition. An agent of change is someone who sees a problem in their community, large or small, and does something to take action for substantial change. This person is someone who listens to the people in the community where the issue exists and makes sure that they truly understand the root of the problem before implementing a new idea. This person is someone who is willing to take risks and doesn’t always claim to know the answer. They are willing to ask hard questions and help find creative solutions. An agent of change has the courage to think outside the box and makes an impact that is greater than themself.

Call in the sacred, the cultural shamans, the clowns, the change agents, let's rewrite the rules!


Those that live and work in the liminal, the fringes, the fringe dwellers … 

Yesterday we were sharing that!! Centuries ago, in Ireland, ‘hedge schools’ were created as safe havens for the kinds of teaching that went against the grain. Communities would gather in hidden places - often within groves and amongst the hedge ways, hence the name - to share the wisdom rooted in local culture and the spiritual traditions of our lands, rather than conforming to Patriarchy.


Earth Journeys is founded on the same idea: it’s a platform for untamed learning that seeks to challenge established ways of thinking and being.

How to live in a sick world - Beyond The Hedge Insights

Be sure to watch " I realise there are only 3 choices " these two videos weave together and are food for thought, in so many ways.

Within this Video I pull some Celtic Oracle cards for the latest full moon, not just one but two jumped out of the pack, as we say its never by chance its by design!! 

How can we remain healthy in a sick environment?

Is it at all possible?

We remember how!!

We remember to Soul Keep, Hearth Tend and listen deeply to the land, and to the collective ache that is burnt out through being trapped into an endless cycle of over working. We simplify in ways we can and live in reciprocity!!

This last week I was taught to take Fermenting to a whole new level!! Deeply inspired by and grateful to Brigid  Le Ferve

I realise there are only 3 choices: Part 1 

Cavalry ain’t coming ⚔️ my body or my money ? Your body is your temple ⛩️ The chalice is a reference to the uterus 🌷our waters are holy, tears that flow are medicinal 💦 we are so perfectly created so I refuse to have this temple desecrated by toxic food, water, thoughts, Ai intelligence, - this is a non negotiable for me. During the Covid years they came after our health, our bodies, our temples. Many didn’t question.


Now though more may awaken since they are coming after the Money. I personally feel what good is money if you cant enjoy it with good health. When I see the world shifting more towards the globalist agenda, I realise there are only 3 choices:


1) To fight the power hungry psychopaths by supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr, being as vocal as I can . . . But, sadly is this ultimately futile? To fight against the black rocks and Pfizer’s with their billions and systems in place?


2) Give in to the system that will soon ask me for digital cards to buy food, go on the internet, travel. Pretend to agree as my sovereignty is slowly erased and I’m just a cog in the machine - this is a hard no!


3) Create my own reality, with other like minded ones who know that the cavalry ain’t coming. Those of us who had to raise ourselves know no one will ever save us.


To envision communities of freedom fighters living close to the earth by growing their own food, staying off the internet, bartering, accessing higher dimensional clarity by nurturing the connection to god, land, animals, humanity. Ultimately what does it mean to be human? Why are some entities trying to erase women, vilify men, succumb to 84 shots for that’s how many are on the schedule for adults and children. One day you won’t be able to renew your driver’s licence unless you have 84 shots. I suppose I’ll ride a bike or better a horse. I suppose I’ll go back to the harder yet more fulfilling way of life.


The way our grittier ancestors lived. When we didn’t wait to be saved, but we were our own cavalry.. "


Original post by Local Rose 

 Empty yourself and let the universe fill you. Lessons from the Earth herself!!  

As I gaze into the flames of this sacred fire, I take a breath and look skywards!!
Beautiful Medicine Story as promised I would return with Woodsmoke and Starlight!!

Journey To The Elders

 We step out into the nights sky and gaze up into its vastness, there we see a thousand and one stars gazing back at us!! 

Representing the many lives lived, 

We all have a deep rich heritage of deep mystical knowledge, wisdom and direct experience that courses through our veins. We descend from the Mystery Schools, the land beneath our feet is releasing the stories, so we may remember that we were once all wisdom keepers, cunning folk, seers....

In these uncertain times, there may be no roadmap — but there is always a way. It's not time for a revolution, it is a time of deep remembrance, it's time to lean into what has worked for hundreds of years, to keep as much as possible of what has stood the test of time, to lean into that wisdom and cultivate it and weave it into the now!!


When I seek deep, wisdom, I go to the elders, and quite often they come to me. The elders are your soul’s lineage, the powerful Wise Ones who gather outside the realms of time to offer guidance from the otherworld.

When you face what you FEAR, fear fears YOU. The Story of Freya - Death - Rebirth - Eldership!!

This week I share a Medicine story that is beautiful, profound, and firmly rooted into our times!! What battles have you fought before? What’s worth fighting for in your life? The noise out there is getting louder, it is deafening. The world is ripping itself apart and we are witnessing this dissolution in real time. But there is a profound message amongst all that noise and contradiction, if we can get quiet enough to hear it.


What Happened to the Mystic, To The Goddess ? and The Warrior? As the goddess started hiding, through so much persecution and pain, we were ripped away from her wisdom. This was the journey of descending deeper into the great forgetting. As we continued forgetting our true selves, we disregarded the goddess. With the turning of each wheel of time, we remembered her less and less. Yet We all have a deep rich heritage of deep mystical knowledge , wisdom and direct experience that courses through our veins . We descend from the Mystery Schools , the land beneath our feet is releasing the stories , so we may remember that we were once all alchemists and magicians…


Designed to thrive and live from our hearts, gently yet fiercely with love in our hearts.. This is a time of deep soul Alchemy, and global Alchemy we are being invited to touch the ground and reach deep into the earth, our hearts and souls with our bare hands, and pull those stories up into the light , like lost seeds, that are yearning to be reborn , retold and remembered ..


This is how we move from harm to healing …. Through our collective story…. The call of the wild is an ancient invitation of remembrance, to come home to ourselves , each other and the land itself ; to re-discover our deepest roots. To simply exist in partnership with the land and the woven fabric of all things a part of something greater. Unburdened. Instinctive, Uninhibited and slightly Feral…

The New Normal - F*ck that - Its Sorcery!!

I felt a strong nudge and deeply inspired to share this with you all!! Its something that has been percolating in me these last few weeks, if not months, yet lately has come into sharp focus..


Something Spirit and I feel strongly about!! "Do Not Lose Sight Of Your Joy " Or The Joy Of Others!! Lets tend to it, caretake it and breathe life into it... Lets not let " The New Normal Take Hold " Lets us nourish, love and nurture each other, into remembering what joy is!!


 In this video we explore this deeply and some important things to hold close and dear.. This is our gift to you this Easter/ Eostre .. Ēostre is the goddess of the dawn, spring, fertility, and rebirth..


I share some simple candle Magic " Seed of What I Wish to Be Grow and Bud and Blossom in Me" then closing with the Medicine Drum , something I have come to know as the Mending Drum!!

Making Your Tarot Cards Your Own

This Weeks Development Tip!!! We explore some wonderful Subscriber Questions!! "Hi I have just brought some Tarot/Psycards how do I make them my own!!!" Also what do you do with The Now The Never and The Enquirer Card!!! Julie H Get to know your Tarot deck. Make time to explore it!!! Think of it as an actual person or a living breathing energy!!! Here are some possible questions you might ask: Draw a card to answer it and record your impressions in your Tarot journal. What kind of a Tarot deck are you? What card sums up your personality?

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