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Lammas Medicine Story's 

"Lammastide Message"

What are we weaving into the world? 

Giving Thanks for the Harvest of our Lives

In this video we share Jo's beautiful message around Lammastide, and as we do, I weave in some deeper threads, relevant to our times!! "So while we gather to show our humble gratitude for the natural food harvest, can we take a moment to also show our gratitude for our life harvest ~ what has become of the seeds we have sown during our lives, to bring us to the fortunate place we are now?
What can we do to help others Sow and Nurture seeds that will allow them to be as abundantly fruitful & fortunate as we are here? As we take time to weave our corn dollies , we invite you to take some time to think about what we are harvesting from our lives, all the wonderful things we have to be grateful for and what we are carrying forward. What are you weaving into the world?" ~ Joanna Holmes
We are so excited and honoured to share and warmly invite YOU on this journey with us.. Our vision and offerings of Seership, Healing, Foraging, Immersive experiences and Journeys.. A journey that is rooted into remembrance. We all have a truly rich heritage of deep mystical knowledge: wisdom and direct experience that courses through our veins. We descend from the Mystery Schools 

How to live in a sick world - Beyond The Hedge Insights

Be sure to watch " I realise there are only 3 choices " these two videos weave together and are food for thought, in so many ways.

Within this Video I pull some Celtic Oracle cards for the latest full moon, not just one but two jumped out of the pack, as we say its never by chance its by design!! 

How can we remain healthy in a sick environment?

Is it at all possible?

We remember how!!

We remember to Soul Keep, Hearth Tend and listen deeply to the land, and to the collective ache that is burnt out through being trapped into an endless cycle of over working. We simplify in ways we can and live in reciprocity!!

This last week I was taught to take Fermenting to a whole new level!! Deeply inspired by and grateful to Brigid  Le Ferve

I realise there are only 3 choices: Part 1 

Cavalry ain’t coming ⚔️ my body or my money ? Your body is your temple ⛩️ The chalice is a reference to the uterus 🌷our waters are holy, tears that flow are medicinal 💦 we are so perfectly created so I refuse to have this temple desecrated by toxic food, water, thoughts, Ai intelligence, - this is a non negotiable for me. During the Covid years they came after our health, our bodies, our temples. Many didn’t question.


Now though more may awaken since they are coming after the Money. I personally feel what good is money if you cant enjoy it with good health. When I see the world shifting more towards the globalist agenda, I realise there are only 3 choices:


1) To fight the power hungry psychopaths by supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr, being as vocal as I can . . . But, sadly is this ultimately futile? To fight against the black rocks and Pfizer’s with their billions and systems in place?


2) Give in to the system that will soon ask me for digital cards to buy food, go on the internet, travel. Pretend to agree as my sovereignty is slowly erased and I’m just a cog in the machine - this is a hard no!


3) Create my own reality, with other like minded ones who know that the cavalry ain’t coming. Those of us who had to raise ourselves know no one will ever save us.


To envision communities of freedom fighters living close to the earth by growing their own food, staying off the internet, bartering, accessing higher dimensional clarity by nurturing the connection to god, land, animals, humanity. Ultimately what does it mean to be human? Why are some entities trying to erase women, vilify men, succumb to 84 shots for that’s how many are on the schedule for adults and children. One day you won’t be able to renew your driver’s licence unless you have 84 shots. I suppose I’ll ride a bike or better a horse. I suppose I’ll go back to the harder yet more fulfilling way of life.


The way our grittier ancestors lived. When we didn’t wait to be saved, but we were our own cavalry.. "


Original post by Local Rose 

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