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Beltane Craft Ideas for the Season

By imbuing a part of ourselves into the crafts and other projects that we create as the Wheel of The Year turns – from baking to incense making, dressing candles to performing spellwork – we are deepening our personal connection with the seasons and generating positive energy in the process.


Building an altar

Your altar is a personal reflection of how you are journeying through the cycles of the year. There is no rule or requirement, except that it should be led from the heart and your instinctive pull.

When we build our altars, we like to include natural elements that reflect the season we are in, or are moving into - flowers, berries, foliage, seeds...

We place our blot bowl in the centre as our receptacle for the offerings to the land, with a candle to light the way and surround them with items pertinent to our ritual and magical items which help to clean and charge the ceremonial "charms". These can include incense, crystals, wands, spring water, feather smudge sticks etc.

Rest for a while and reflect...

What will adorn your altar this season?

What does each item mean to you as you move through this turn of the wheel?

Your altar, once built, becomes the anchor for the rest of the work that you weave.

It can be a place to visit at the beginning and end of each day, to light the candle and set your intentions, marking in ritual that which you mean to set in place within your life and a station at which to give thanks and honour the spirits, guides and ancestors which lead you through each moment of your life.

What kinds of crafts for BELTANE ?

Being, as each of the sabbats is, a time rooted in nature and the cycles of life, growth and death inherent to each year, Beltane celebrates and honours the outside world.

And it is from such that we derive many of the symbols, images, associations and correspondences of Beltane.

Beltane Header.jpg


 Creating your own set of hand-painted, immensely lovely Pagan symbol eggs.

You can do so on (hollowed out) real eggs, paper eggs, wooden eggs, papier mâché eggs, or (some types) of plastic eggs, and once your set of Pagan symbol eggs are dried, you will have a gorgeous treasure that can be utilized year after year.


In addition to symbols such as those shown in this lovely tutorial, you could paint things such as runes, astrological symbols, and sigils on Ostara or Easter eggs as well.

Or, of course, any symbols pertinent to the season - why not decorate with the hare, the primrose, even the three cornered leek?!


A list of traditional Ostara symbols can be found here:

As with any craft, go where your instincts take you and make it your own!

 Become a Goddess for your Rites and Rituals 
 Seed Packet Greeting Cards:

This a meaningful way to share in the joys of gardening with friends and loved ones. Plus, it’s quick, easy, and something that kids can lend a hand with making, too.

Seed Gift Cards.png
 Craft a Sun wheel 
Sunwheel .jpg
Become a Green Man for your Rites and Rituals 
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