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Songs and Stories for the Season

Two images often associated with Ostara are rabbits / hares and eggs - even the Easter Bunny brings eggs along to hide for children. We've always found it unusual that bunnies are associated with eggs; after all, bunnies are mammals: they don't lay eggs.

So why are eggs and rabbits associated with Easter?

These beautiful collection of stories (and their written synopses) are told and retold by

"We Be Kids" who weave such wonderful values into the world.


Ostara & the White Hare

In this old folktale from the British Isles, we meet Ostara, the Goddess of the Dawn who each year brings forth the spring. Many say that this story is the first story of Easter and the name originates as Ostara.


In this beautiful tale of kindness, love, generosity and forgiveness, Ostara befriends a dying sparrow who later falls in love with Jack Hare. Overcome with sadness, Ostara retires to sleep in the Earth, but when she awakes, all the world's hares have gathered to celebrate the most magical occurrence.

The White Hind of hope

This story is from a book called Woodland Folk Tales from Britain and Ireland.


There are few sightings of the White Deer, some say the deer is from the realm of the Fairies and Elves and if you are to see it then great hope will fill your heart.


This is a great little story for our time with many similarities to the world we have found ourselves in during 2020 and 2021. You may not see a white deer to fill your heart with hope but with many signs of spring appearing all around us there is optimism in the air that bright times are returning.


After listening to the story consider the following question:


If you saw a white deer and followed it where do you think it would lead...? Can you make up your own story?

The Otter Wife

This story is an adaptation from the book 'Earth Tales' by Michael Caduto.


In this story a wise owl tells two otters the secret of their magic tails and how they can join the moonlit tribal gathering. But something happens that leads to a dramatic change to one of the otters lives. Does it have to spend the rest of its life trapped on land or will she ever find a way to get back to the water?


Making Bark Boats (which is soon to be found on our craft page) is a great activity to do after watching this story. Make a bark boat, write a hope or dream on a piece of paper and sail it down the river, maybe the magical otters will make it come true?

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