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Other Ideas for the Season

Our path is one of doing.

A living tradition practiced and evolved yet rooted in thousands of years of wisdom and direct experience, developed from relationships with the local Spirits of the Land, The Gods and Goddesses that dwell there and our Ancestors, our Bone Kin.

It's full of story myths and folklore of those ancestors, coming from the fabric of the very land we stand on..

For the blood and bone of our ancestors, become a part of the land, they become a part of the Story.. The Eddas and the Sagas.


Symbols of Ostara


Colours:  Green, pink, blue, red, yellow, white 

Foods:  Hot cross buns , honey, mead,  sprouted greens, baked goods, wild garlic

Stones:  Aquamarine, amethyst, rose quartz, jade, green aventurine, clear quartz, pink tourmaline, pyrite

Symbols:  Rabbits, eggs, spring flowers, lambs, clover, baskets, ribbons, hares, wells , springs 

Flowers & Plants: primroses, daffodils, crocus, tulips, three cornered leek, wild garlic

Deities:  Brigid, Isis, Eostre, Adonis,

Brigid's Message

Start simple, very simple, and build from there.


Find a place where you can be undisturbed, a place that feels good, and bring a small offering. Find a tree, a lake, a stone that gives you a good feeling, and think of it as a meeting place.

Live Stream - New Moon Card Insight

Ways to Celebrate Ostara 
  • Planting seeds for a vegetable garden or flower garden

  • Spring clean your house

  • Decorate an Ostara altar to honour your goddess of choice

  • Make egg based dishes and dessert (custard pie, frittatas, egg salad, etc…)

  • Take a nature walk with loved ones and look for signs of spring

  • Host a tea party with a springtime theme

  •  Egg folk art

  • Take time to meditate/journal and think about your intentions for the next few weeks as it relates to the goals you want to achieve

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