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Beltane Videos - Development Resources

 Empty yourself and let the universe fill you. Lessons from the Earth herself!!  

As I gaze into the flames of this sacred fire, I take a breath and look skywards!!
Beautiful Medicine Story as promised I would return with Woodsmoke and Starlight!!

Beltane Video- Pathworking - Magic and Rite - Mirror - Mirror - New Moon  Insight- Beyond The Hedge 

New Moon - New Beginnings - New Horizons - Oracle Card Insight The Traveller 

Beltane - Mother Merry,
Mischief and Mayhem - Preparation for Pathworking!!

Song fills the grove, spiralling out into the woodland stone circle!!

“ Seed of What I wish To Be
Grow, Bud & Bloom In Me
Who I am Is What You See
Ground The Arrow, Set Me Free”

As we pulled the woodland gate to a close, we were greeted by a rich carpet of Bluebells, it's as if we were seeing them for the first time, the woodland has burst to life, the air full of scent, a mixture of wild garlic and bluebell, a smell that transports you beyond this world and to the edge of Elfhame.

Such a sight , such a gift and blessing and with it comes Beltane - May Day, yet as always for us, it feels so much more than a day, its a tide.

We gathered around our fire circle, Ravens, Buzzards overhead, and the Geese have returned, nesting on the Island!!

Beltane translates to “ Bright Fire”

For us , we tenderly placed our Prayer Arrows on our Altar the arrows that we wove and crafted at Ostara at the Nook, all holding our intent. Alongside them 3 gifted arrows from an Archer, a dear friend, which hold prayers for The Land, Kin and Clan, and The World as a Whole..

Light, warmth and heat slowly returns to our lands and our days expand, so much longer now, just as the flowers, leaves and medicine share their songs and stories, so do we..

Fused with longing, knowing and remembrance, a sacred vow and an intention that roots us on a path of honouring that remembrance, of who we are, who we have always been, for a thousand and more lives!!

We wandered deep into the woods, beyond The 300 year old Beach, Dad sharing a medicine story as we went, we made crowns for ourselves, made of Hazel, Leaf and ribbon.

Then we were crowned!! and Mayhem was born - It is said  Mayhem is a state or situation of great confusion, disorder, trouble or chaos!! Yet for us its life force, energy, and alchemy!! 

For when we dream alone we dream, yet when we dream together we shape reality ✨🙏🔥

Journey To The Elders

 We step out into the nights sky and gaze up into its vastness, there we see a thousand and one stars gazing back at us!! 

Representing the many lives lived, 

We all have a deep rich heritage of deep mystical knowledge, wisdom and direct experience that courses through our veins. We descend from the Mystery Schools, the land beneath our feet is releasing the stories, so we may remember that we were once all wisdom keepers, cunning folk, seers....

In these uncertain times, there may be no roadmap — but there is always a way. It's not time for a revolution, it is a time of deep remembrance, it's time to lean into what has worked for hundreds of years, to keep as much as possible of what has stood the test of time, to lean into that wisdom and cultivate it and weave it into the now!!


When I seek deep, wisdom, I go to the elders, and quite often they come to me. The elders are your soul’s lineage, the powerful Wise Ones who gather outside the realms of time to offer guidance from the otherworld.

Being Lost Is The Pathway To Becoming Found!

Tomorrow the 25th April It’s my birthday. I’m a whole year older and I feel it. Not in a bad way.


I just feel different. Really rooted, anchored, deeply grounded , less concerned about being nice , more truthful , deeply connected yet more solitary , which gives way to a deeper sense of freedom... I also feel those things that are stirring , growing into my life, whispering and calling to me, as if there is no other way to live. I hear them, feel them and they show up in so many ways!! I’m aware of the beat of the drum, the passage of time, and how days can merge into weeks, moons wax and wane and the years roll by, all so fast and in the blink of an eye. Just how many more summers do we have?


We arrive at a point in time where we have more years behind us, than in front of us!! I want to be a good ancestor when I die, I want to plant seeds now, so that not only I will thrive from them, but my children and the land below my feet.


I close my eyes, and for a moment ask myself am I living a wholesome life, having a spring birthday does truly feel like a whole new year, the true new year, All the years you've lived are experiences you own, experiences you can build on, and Birthdays hold magic.. I find it a good guide, a good question to hold, for it holds me in my integrity. There is always room to grow, composting what I have outgrown, gently creating space, and time so we may adventure into new things.


I can sense my inner child, the young boy that run around with a stick believing it was a wand, that spoke to imaginary friends, who created worlds, and slipped through portals.. With big blue eyes and custard blond hair.. I am blessed to work for the most amazing cooperation this side of the milky way. For the Universe is walking towards you, not away from you!! My heart is full I’m beyond happy and so very grateful.. Much love to you all x Ps The Fastest way to travel is by candlelight!!

Links To Inner and Outer Worlds Film and Documentary 

New Moon Card Insights and Welcome to The Beltane Tide 

In this community only video I share with you a simple yet punchy way to access some beautiful wisdom from your deck of cards!!

Here I am using the wonderful Divine Arts Tarot  crafted brought to life by Hayley!!

These cards continue to work their Magic and in the most profound way!! As you watch, you will see why, I unpack some enriched profound wisdom, that poured through these cards!!

Beautifully woven,” Never by chance, Always by design” and in real time too!!

What a nourishing message was revealed!! It gave me Goosebumps!!

Do please share with us your cards and how did they speak to you?

When you face what you FEAR, fear fears YOU. The Story of Freya - Death - Rebirth - Eldership!!

This week I share a Medicine story that is beautiful, profound, and firmly rooted into our times!! What battles have you fought before? What’s worth fighting for in your life? The noise out there is getting louder, it is deafening. The world is ripping itself apart and we are witnessing this dissolution in real time. But there is a profound message amongst all that noise and contradiction, if we can get quiet enough to hear it.


What Happened to the Mystic, To The Goddess ? and The Warrior? As the goddess started hiding, through so much persecution and pain, we were ripped away from her wisdom. This was the journey of descending deeper into the great forgetting. As we continued forgetting our true selves, we disregarded the goddess. With the turning of each wheel of time, we remembered her less and less. Yet We all have a deep rich heritage of deep mystical knowledge , wisdom and direct experience that courses through our veins . We descend from the Mystery Schools , the land beneath our feet is releasing the stories , so we may remember that we were once all alchemists and magicians…


Designed to thrive and live from our hearts, gently yet fiercely with love in our hearts.. This is a time of deep soul Alchemy, and global Alchemy we are being invited to touch the ground and reach deep into the earth, our hearts and souls with our bare hands, and pull those stories up into the light , like lost seeds, that are yearning to be reborn , retold and remembered ..


This is how we move from harm to healing …. Through our collective story…. The call of the wild is an ancient invitation of remembrance, to come home to ourselves , each other and the land itself ; to re-discover our deepest roots. To simply exist in partnership with the land and the woven fabric of all things a part of something greater. Unburdened. Instinctive, Uninhibited and slightly Feral…

The New Normal - F*ck that - Its Sorcery!!

I felt a strong nudge and deeply inspired to share this with you all!! Its something that has been percolating in me these last few weeks, if not months, yet lately has come into sharp focus..


Something Spirit and I feel strongly about!! "Do Not Lose Sight Of Your Joy " Or The Joy Of Others!! Lets tend to it, caretake it and breathe life into it... Lets not let " The New Normal Take Hold " Lets us nourish, love and nurture each other, into remembering what joy is!!


 In this video we explore this deeply and some important things to hold close and dear.. This is our gift to you this Easter/ Eostre .. Ēostre is the goddess of the dawn, spring, fertility, and rebirth..


I share some simple candle Magic " Seed of What I Wish to Be Grow and Bud and Blossom in Me" then closing with the Medicine Drum , something I have come to know as the Mending Drum!!

Making Your Tarot Cards Your Own

This Weeks Development Tip!!! We explore some wonderful Subscriber Questions!! "Hi I have just brought some Tarot/Psycards how do I make them my own!!!" Also what do you do with The Now The Never and The Enquirer Card!!! Julie H Get to know your Tarot deck. Make time to explore it!!! Think of it as an actual person or a living breathing energy!!! Here are some possible questions you might ask: Draw a card to answer it and record your impressions in your Tarot journal. What kind of a Tarot deck are you? What card sums up your personality?

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