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Long Road Home - The Stories behind the Stories 

Shane Gadd has helped countless people find peace and inspiration during the darkest and most challenging times of their lives.


But he too has faced enormous personal obstacles, from serious illness to financial troubles, from emotional heartbreak to professional turmoil. Yet each experience has taught him priceless lessons … He explains how his his dead grandmother visited him from a young age and taught him how to communicate with the Other Side.


The Long Road Home shares the stories behind the stories with over 25 years of encounters of spirit changing the way hundreds of people think about life after death and psychic Mediumship. Shane deals head-on with the controversial issues he has confronted on his journey such as the new age movement. Sharing some of the most heart warming stories that have deeply touched and inspired many people along the way. Shane invites you behind the scenes of his life, how he has overcome the greatest tests in his life. In typically honest and entertaining style, he also shows how he has used the lessons he has learned to shine a positive light on other people's lives. Full of honesty, revelation,  Rawness , wisdom and humour, it's a audio that will engage, entertain and move all who hear it.  It will take you on a journey of audience participation as you catch glimpses of The inner mechanics of Holistic Mediumship. 

 "Recorded during some of Shane's Interactive Evenings it gives you the feeling as if you were there"

"Over two hours  of  audio leaving you wanting more" 

"Not Just A Audio Book A Workshop Too" 


Now Available at £9.99


​The Long Road Home Audio Book - Customer Review

Loved it. Just as good as I knew it would be. Shane has definitely moved on from giving just readings. What you get from your time with Shane/spirit is a valuable tool to sort out any problems pain or fears you have....don’t waste it!!! Golden key to open up the opportunity to live a better life and be true to yourself and most of all being brave enough to make the changes. Xx Julie H

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What Others Felt From Shane's Sessions. 

A reading or perhaps more a teaching with a reading attached. The unexpectedness of the session has left me a little dumbfounded. Shaking me to the core, as my spirit guides gave me lessons, encouragement, and a jolly good kicking to continue to pursue the spiritual path that I have embarked upon late last year (its June now). The audio file of the session that Shane provide has been invaluable. I have listened to it many times and each time deriving encouragement and additional insights into the lessons and the course of actions needed. Each time of listening reinforcing my resolve. A thoughtful gift that compliments the beautiful spiritual wisdom arising from the session. I am truly grateful for all that had arisen, it was a special reading with some wonderful guides. Shane conducted this session with great sensitivity and profound sense of wanting to help. He had immense patience in delivering the messages, explaining it from a few angles to help fully illuminate its points. Shane is the genuine article, you will know when the content delivered has that clear ring of truth and aligned with deep wisdom that can only come from the other side. All the best and thank you! Chung

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