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Dream Weaving and Crafting

“By cutting new templates, roads and paths, we are not turning our back on society, we are moving it forwards”  So what is dream weaving? For me it is tending the Hearth, the house, the home, from the belief that the home is a place of beauty, it has a soul, it has a magic of its own, a place where people are nurtured and nourished on a spiritual basis as well as a physical and emotional basis.


Often referred to as Hearthcraft!

Hearth, being of Old English in origin meaning fireplace, the part of a floor in which a fire is made; was sometimes called “the burning place”. This space symbolises the heart of the home. It is where, once upon a time, meals were possibly cooked, or families gathered.  It provided heat to the entire house.


The hearth was the centre which the rest of the home revolved around. It provides comfort, protection, sustenance, and entertainment.  In the Irish and Scottish traditions, the Hearth was somewhere one would rest at the liminal times of day, twilight and dusk; the Hearth was itself liminal, a portal of sorts,  as the veils thinned, it was a place where often a deceased loved one would appear, standing beside the fireside. 

The Hearth for many has become a symbolic place, an altar table or chair, just like my old 'Weavers Chair" that sits beside the altar, resting under the ladder of 9.

A person who practices hearthcraft, therefore, is someone who finds meaning and heart from performing an “intuitive ceremony” or executing a task “set apart from everyday action by mindfulness and conscious intent” within the home. 

Hearthcraft does not have to be complicated or formal. The practice favours simple, practical and every-day, yet woven deeply into the unseen and magical. 

Many of the sacred tools and crafts below are also woven into our Earth Journeys and community rituals, from Corn Dollies, to Mini Besoms, To Medicine Pouches for Dreaming The Seeds, to Dream Weavers.


Enjoy exploring below! 


For me Magic isn't something that I believe is taught, it's shared; and for me is rarely performed for another, yet on the occasions it is, it's for those closest to me. Magic is something that is to be discovered, to explore and to be found, personally. Often shared from Grandmother to Mother to Daughter or Father to Son and so on.

Yet as I lean into the fabric of time and place and Listen deeply, I have profound realisation that the 13th December approaching is a Gateway, Doorway that lends the way for some beautiful Candle Magic.

The 13th is known by many names one that really speaks to me is “ Night of Light”

Belonging to Lucia.


Whilst we have been led to believe 13 is a unlucky number, in fact it is a highly magical number: we were once again duped and led away from a deep truth!!

 £13.00 Time 7.30pm to 9.30pm

December 13th 2022

Gathering around the Weavers Chair.


Dreaming The Seeds Medicine Pouch and Rite

Here we dream the seeds, the seeds that we have tended to within the darkness of winter, retrieving the gifts of the stillness and darkness of winter and the dreaming!!

 We are being invited as community to touch the ground and reach deep into the earth with our bare hands, we pull those stories up into the light , like lost seeds, that are yearning to be reborn , retold and remembered. 

£45.00 per session!! Date tbc Early February 2023

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Come and join William as he guides you along an ancient journey into crafting your very own Staff, in amongst his beautiful woodland!!

Date and Time: Sunday  27th November 2022 10:00 - 4.00pm or there after!!

Fee £75  £50.00 deposit on booking via BACS payment.  Balance to be paid via cash on the day!!

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Crafting A Dream Weaver - Harthcraft Circle

Dream Catchers Catch Dreams Dream Weavers Shape Dreams.

Dates to Follow. 


I will always (not just at Christmas) value experiences over possessions. Possessions are nice, but they rust, fall apart, get lost stolen, break . Experiences can’t be taken from us. They have eternal value, they live on within us... How about giving one of our  Gift Vouchers!! Tools that Live beyond the Hour!! 


Sheila's creations! Sheila is a natural empath, clairvoyant, fine artist, and therapeutic arts counsellor. 

Every Day Made Magical

Everyday things can be magical. 

I tend to believe that our homes are symbolic representations of ourselves.

We are enacting something special. We are shifting the energy of our environment. We are altering our emotions. We are generating creativity. We are making the ordinary…sacred.

Right now, we are doing that more than we ever have been before. We are acutely aware of everything we do within our homes.