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Beyond The Hedge - Events and Earth Journeys 

Gathering in Circles,

we have the power to transform ourselves and each other.

It has deep medicine and potency for healing, awakening and growth.
It is raw. It is courageous. It is inspiring.

It allows us to come together in a safe and supported space.

Earth Journeys In Person Gatherings To Celebrate The Turn of The Wheel!

**As subscribers to our Online Community those of which that are here in the UK / & local.. You also have priority access to our Physical in person Earth Journeys.

The next being June 25th Gathering at the woodland gate for 11.30/45 am for a 12 Noon start - To complete for 4pm

To book your place click the calendar..

Please Note Booking is essential and bookings close 3 days before the event, allowing us to accommodate numbers and prepare the craft aspect of the event!! 

We will also schedule our livestreams here too!! Exciting developments for the future!!

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Earth Journeys 

Community tending and care is Ancestral and it's timeless. We have been led away, it's been almost colonialised: controlled, divided and broken apart.

There’s a grind culture that we have lived within, that triggered collective fight and flight, many families working every hour god sends, and some turning to food banks... alongside energy companies reporting profits like never before, there is nothing right or normal about that, surely? I am not sure that we can work any harder or any longer, or even be able to work our way out of this engineered cost of living crisis that glamorises busyness.

It claims that working overtime and sleeping in the office means you’re passionate, dedicated and driven. The statement is sometimes spoken with a hint of pride because in our culture “being over-busy” means “being important.” Yet many feel they have no other choice...

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