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Gateway - Immersion Experience 

A journey that is rooted into remembrance...

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The Gateway is the first of our immersive journeys, taking you through "the gateway" both physically and spiritually. Are you drawn to connect more fully to the woodland (and yourself!) and work with what it has to offer in a humbly respectful way? Do you yearn to learn the lore of the land and discover the magic therein?

This one day journey will take you through a gateway into stunning woodland where you will truly connect with nature in a wholesome and magical way. Wandering through the woods will take you to our natural classroom where nature becomes the teacher - yet this is beyond learning, this is remembering.

Gentle Timetable

  • Initial gathering & opening circle

  • Forest bathing experience to begin our nature connection journey

  • Campfire Cooking

  • Back-to-Basics fire-lighting

  • Working with the magical traditions of these lands and the tools of those whose wisdom we preserve

  • Tree wisdom and connection

  • Share, closing circle & parting gift

Date and Time: Saturday 25th March 2023 09:30 - 18:00 Fully Booked 

Location: 3 miles outside East Grinstead, West Sussex

Date and Time: Saturday 24th June 2023 09:30 - 18:00   Fully Booked 

Location: 3 miles outside East Grinstead, West Sussex


“ We are not here to fear these times, we are here to shape them” 

 It's time to lean into what has worked for hundreds of years. We will guide you to places you have long forgotten, to a place where we all belong. 

We invite you to take the step through The Gateway on our first 1-day experience and rekindle the remembrance within...


 By leaning into the fabric of the land itself, for she is releasing her stories,  we are reaching down deep into the earth with our bare hands and pulling those stories up into the light, like lost seeds of remembrance,  to hear that call, you are responding to the land, the prayer from the land, the Earth itself.


We are alive at an extraordinary time, the potential for change is ripe and the seeds of which can take hold so firmly, for change is everywhere . I truly feel we are being woven back into the centre, we are in a cycle of return, as we continue to move from harm to healing!! A time that is beyond learning, a time of deep remembrance. 


We are being called back to the land...


To what has always been ours!! Before being led away!! Is it time to awaken? Is it time to remember? 



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