Making a Booking at this time and My Response to our Current Global Crisis COVID-19

This is a Global situation like no other we are living through such a huge historic event with such magnitude..

So much is falling away... So much is falling away. rapidly so.. I truly feel it's going to be a very long time before we all move through this.. yet potentially a whole a new world, with new deep profound values will be born out of this... Yes so much had closed down.. I had over 50 cancellations in the first week leading up to this outbreak.As always keeping it real and authentic .. I tried to reach out and support as many people as possible , via email... I was booked fully from February up into late April.. Early May... I have received.. so many heartbreaking stories..

The one that's struck a chord with me is the lady who has a baby at home... 8 weeks old.. sadly she could not breastfeed.. she went from supermarket to supermarket to find formula.. visited 5 all in all.. None all cleared out... she went to the chemist... again sold out.. she rung her doctor who was absolutely broken... he rung the chemist and got it in order.. yet it was going to be an overnight delivery... she had run out... There has been many stories.

All of our experiences and our light and our deep connection to the innate... will be needed.. we will be thrown into deep service like no other time... Humanity will shift through this in such a magnitude... life can never be the same...

We will rebuild this.. hopefully in a wiser, kinder and gentler way…

We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.. We are living in a time like no other..

We are living in a time that we have never seen...


The Coronavirus epidemic is leading lead to "a global recession of a magnitude that has not been experienced before" but will eventually allow humanity to reset its values - Li Edelkoort.

Making A Booking

Pretty much all my Consultations had stopped .They had evaporated.. I am  pleased to say my bookings are reopen for  June and beyond.. I am gently advising people to book in for then as I anticipate a high demand for people wanting to access Consultations as we move through this crisis to help navigate what is next... Please  book directly for  availability   All bookings going forwards will be for Skype/or Email.. probably until the end of the year.


So for now I'm using my time and energy in growing Food and teaching our little one.. as I feel over the Summer we may have fresh food shortages or price increases in a big way.. they are calling for a remobilisation of the Land Army to bring in the Harvest and work the fields.. major labour force shortage .. And not able to import fresh food from Europe As the Lockdown continues the supply chain should recover..yet As we move through this fresh veg will be either really expensive or harder to find.Its not that we will have dire shortages.. It just feels so important to grow it and teach others where we can.. Here is some great wisdom and inspiration for you to Grow your Own

We are on a wartime footing with food and growing it.. That presence who last year said to me.. It's time to grow a garden" looking back its incredible I know now they somehow saw big change coming.. Some beautiful stories to be shared too… A new energy appeared by the Name of Eden!!

I feel for now it's all about deep listening... The world is slowing down like never before.. Humanity is being forced to go inside.. look within.. literally... To listen deeply.. The Skies are clearing and the world is slowing down… the collective consciousness is quietening down and the earth is shifting and ascending… Life will never be the same.. This had to be of great magnitude.. Global shift… Consumerism is dead in days… Thrown strongly into what is real.. And what has real value.. We are being rewired…

Sending you a gentle journey through this... As I say I am more than happy to book you in for June? just drop me a email

We are all in this together!!

The virus is causing a "quarantine of consumption" and would have a profound cultural and economic impact.

For now we will be living with fewer possessions and travelling less and looking inside to what truly matters...

During this time I will try to gently support my Online Community on YouTube in ways that I can by adding content/LiveStreams to help us all navigate these times of profound change... All anchored in service and support... All free of charge..

We will get through this… Spirits advice to me… And I know they saw this coming.. Is keep it simple.. One day at a time.. Equal stillness to equal movement… rest.. Eat well and nutritiously.. keep Exercising daily and take in some sunshine.. Importantly 1 day at a time..

Much love, and heartfelt thanks Shane x

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