Making a Booking at this time and My Response to our Current Global Crisis COVID-19

This is a Global situation like no other we are living through such a huge historic event with such magnitude..

I think at the core of it... We all just want to live in peace, something we think about with much more clarity at this time.. to live with peace .. With sovereignty.. with heart and meaning... watching our Children grow in peace and safety... The direction of this world has been troubling....Deeply knowing what you know is a double edged sword. Yet I feel so much change is afoot.. as we move from harm to healing..


The last year have been heartbreaking at times.. mixed stories of hope and inspiration to such pain... Through Consulting I am seeing the impact of this situation.. how its ripping through people lives...Physically, Emotionally and even Spiritually...


Here at the beginning of December with All Hallowed Eve behind us and the trees beginning to shed their leaves in earnest, we have arrived at the edge of winter. Across most of the UK in recent weeks, we've experienced the first frosts and the early mornings have been shrouded in fog. There's a sense of calm and quiet descending; a welcome reminder to slow down and rest amid the relentless waves of breaking news. In a fortnight's time we will have reached mid December , although the festive season will undoubtedly feel very different this year, the underlying hope of the winter solstice still remains: on the shortest day, from their on in sparking the slow return of the light. we hope you'll take some comfort in the thought that the darkness - of the season, or of the pandemic - won't last forever.

We All must be a part of a culture of Hope

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 Kids with  Masks
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