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Medicine Rattles

Bespoke Medicine Rattles lovingly crafted  to order..


Medicine tools to either call in Spirit, An Allie, or to break up and disperse heavy energy.


These tools are bespoke and crafted to order, they are individual and each one is unique!! If you are looking to commission one of our rattles do drop us an email at and we can share and explore your personal medicine and story, to weave a clear intent to what you are bringing to life!! 


Fee £55.00

Or maybe your looking for a bespoke ceremony or ritual? feel free to reach out to me.




I will always (not just at Christmas) value experiences over possessions.

Possessions are nice, but they rust, fall apart, get lost stolen, break .


Experiences can’t be taken from us. They have eternal value, they live on within us...


How about giving one of our:

  Gift Vouchers!!


Tools that Live beyond the Hour!! 


Contact Me

If you would like to explore the potential of creating a bespoke ceremony together, book one of our experiences or events,  embark on a Earth  journey, a journey  into remembrance,  please write to me and share more of what you have in mind!! in the meantime  Keep Shining 

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