Runic Journey A Insight into The Runes Work Module 3 

The Norse word Runa means a mystery or secret. Ancients believed that rune readers possessed great mystical powers.

My study of the Runes, no doubt like most people, began with the story of Odin’s own ordeal and sacrifice on Yggdrasil, the World Tree. I by chance was guided to a small book shop that had a large section on Mythology  titles. One day I felt drawn to the books shelved behind the metaphysical section . When I went over there, I found a book of Runes on the floor, it was like it was shouting at me  it was by  Ralph Blum It was the only set in the store, and I felt compelled to buy it, before I knew I had the Book and set!!  I remember when I first read the tale of Odin's trial on the Tree, I was deeply moved, what fueled his decision to hang for the wisdom, power, and knowing that the Runes bring. It is not insignificant that the Runes could not be won without sacrifice of self to self. What it means to sacrifice self s different for every person and there journey.. I have over the years come to fully appreciate the metaphoric wisdom of hanging suspended from the Tree of life.


The Stop and Pause . Early in my quest after the Runes, Odin helped me to see that before one can sacrifice self to self, one must know self first!  That came through direct experience  on my solo Journey walking across the Mountains of Scotland, without a doubt a journey to self. 

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