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In this week's Podcast we share a lovely little insight into our rites.. We celebrated another turn of the year's wheel, moving through autumn now into winter and towards the return of the light come December. Yet still we move from harm to healing!

We wove & crafted, sang & drummed, released the old to make way for the new, hugged, smiled and certainly cried! We placed our remembrances into the cauldron of soul soup, tied our releases into yarn and cast them into the sacred fire. We spun our intentions into beautiful dream-weavers and told our stories. We helped to heal each other as we shared our truths!!

And Now we drift into ”Dreaming”


As we turn towards the darkness of Winter, we have been feeling the call to quieten and honour the rhythms of Nature by slowing down for the next few months, so our podcasts and videos will reflect that and be released around each turn of the wheel, every 6 weeks or so, for our daily content do feel free to follow us on Instagram.

In the meantime Journey well as we drift into the darkest part of the year, a place of rest, to digest and become!!

Feel called to join us on our next Earth Journey?

For the video version of this head over to our
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