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A big hello to all you lovely people new & old too!

It's been well over a year since I introduced myself Perfect time, new day, new year. So here we go....My name is Shane. I'm a mix of Irish , Scottish and Nordic living in the South East of England. I have a 9 year old son Tristan. I feel such an anchoring and rooting to these lands and its songs and stories.

I have worked as A Psychic Medium for the last 26 years. Around 10 years ago I felt a deep shift, that Spirits drive for contact was so much more than evidence of life, it was also being driven by a deep fire, desire to help us heal, it was so much deeper and richer than contact, I started to pioneer the concept of " Holistic Mediumship'' anchoring a therapy based approach to my sessions, that organically took hold... Alongside that, early this year we discovered a deeper thread to our Ancestry, Faroe Islands, Nordic, Scottish and Irish, it unlocked a huge amount of what felt like memories, I was gifted this beautiful Shield on my 50th, I gently try to weave these threads into my writing, stories and all that I share , I do hope you can feel and connect to it ❤

My Dear Grandad Patrick Byrne was born 5 minutes away from St James Gate, The Guinness factory in Dublin. When I was 7 years old . It was the middle of the night, I was sound asleep. I woke up to a large looming character standing at the end of the bed, even as I write this I know I’m not alone. I had just met my Grandmother. Who had died when I was only two years old.

I am really stoked to embark on a new journey, I have enrolled into a training program with Bridget Neilson in Ancestral Healing, Inherited Trauma, the Imprints that echo through time, it ties in so deeply with my work, especially as I find myself dropping into a vaster greater understanding of roots, heritage and the ripples that are coursing through the generations, I feel its not only about unlocking trauma its also about revealing deep hidden potential, wisdom and gifts..

I Love to go out with Tristan and forage for wild food and hedgerow medicine, we also tend our own little kitchen garden. The highlight is seeing him bring home his homegrown Pumpkins stacked up on our Cargo Bike.. That and the Foraging for our Yule Twiggy Tree each year.

Chip butty + a pint of Guinness a winner every time..

I often dream about Caitriona Balfe. So bizarre, yet maybe not, as I am a huge Outlander Fan.. Secret Crush? 🤷‍♀️

I'm a huge fan of Wardruna and Aurora and Kate Bush, Love her Music..

I' have two metal hips and a rare form of Arthritis known as Ankylosing Spondylitis, 10 years ago I had to relearn to walk again.. not long after I cycled 500 miles all the way up the west coast of Scotland then back down over the Cairngorm and Grampian Mountains. All on a bike that cost £6.00

I am surrounded by the most incredible Psychic Art, all of which hold deep messages and stories. I love hosting our Soul Alchemy Podcast gives me the opportunity to dive in deep and nourish really deep meaningful conversations in a more real, raw stripped back way.

I believe that everything in life is a process. I’m so fortunate to have wonderfully good friends, People I would say that are my 2am people, those who dug deep in this life..


I really do believe that everything in life is a process, it's all compost for the soul, and looking back I wouldn't change a thing!! To a great degree, we create the world we live in, although we are rarely conscious of this process.

Staying open to life and all the possibilities — meeting new people, going to new places, crafting and weaving new experiences. Staying open, humble and honest will lead us to find authentic and substantial relationships and experiences.

Some of the wisdom I have discovered along the way is this.

We can’t shield ourselves from the world or keep ourselves from getting hurt. We all carry flaws, and these vulnerabilities are especially apparent when getting close to one another. Yet that's what makes us who we truly are, courage is vulnerability. Thus, achieving intimacy is a brave beautiful journey, within ourselves and, ultimately with others and the world around us.

As we all know, these words are easier said than practiced. So I hold onto one important idea that I’d like to leave you with: Change comes from within. You alone have to decide if you want that change.

Alright, that should do it, that's me what about you? Keep Shining 😄 💜 Shane xx

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