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Autumn Equinox/ Haustablót or FallFest.

The equinoxes are a time of equilibrium, day and night are matched. After an year of hard labour, the autumn equinox is the time of repose, we begin to spiral inwardly, for us within our rite we will take a journey, both physically and Magically/ Shmanicaly, Illuminating our path, we will travel the spiral into the centre, rest and seek inspiration, wisdom, insights!! In nature this is the time where days become shorter and nights are longer. We wil step into this consciously and magically.

We are moving in a time that is essential "To Move from Harm to Healing" into The " Cycle of Return" We are being woven back into the centre!!!

The autumn equinox marks the completion of the harvest, the waning powers of the sun, a farewell to summer and making preparations for the coming darkness. The Mabon celebration and then the Haustablót or FallFest.

So it's the time of the year when the days start to grow shorter and the nights and darkness will prevail till the winter time comes. A preparation for the winter, when the crops come to an end, and when people start to gather food to survive the long dark and cold days of winter. It is also a time to burn the soil and the fields where the crops were, in order to fertilize the land that will be covered by frost and possibly snow, and in spring time nature will do its work, and the land is ready to be planted again.

We will perform a rite together . Craft and create our collective altar. We will make medicine. We will weave and share our stories as we continue our journey from harm to healing, sitting within our Sacred Circle. Respectfully and safely!!

I feel the power of keeping the rites and rituals relevant in a modern world, which doesn’t lie in changing their meaning, diluting, distilling them into contemporary purposes, but in finding how their layers of meaning still apply to everyday life, in the here and now.


Autumn Equinox/ Haustablót or FallFest. Rite and Blot A little insight into our Rite

We come to celebrate the turning of the the wheel once more , this time it is the Autumn Equinox, that special time of year when day and night are equal. The veil between the worlds is thin, and the magic of the season’s tide spills over into our lives. The crops show their full bounty, and soon the days will become so much shorter, the air chills. The leaves are beginning their change, and all are preparing for the long winter months. The swifts and swallows have since flown, the squirrel is busy gathering nuts. So too do we gather and celebrate in the bounty of the land, and offer our heartfelt thanks to all that we have received. We reap what we sow, and if anything has been left unattended, or should anything be left incomplete, we ask that they be taken up in our prayers so that we may finish what we have started.

I call upon my lady of the stars and moon

To the Bringer of dreams and twilight of Autumn

I call upon my lady of the loom

The Weaver of fates in the night

I call upon the Lady of the fields

The Singer of the Evensong

I call upon the maiden mother and Crone

The Goddess alive and strong

To Freya weaver, weave us back into the centre, for we are in a cycle of return.

To Brigid the Keeper of our Hearth, Home and Flame hold us close over Winter.

To Odin, Warrior , Seeker, and Story Teller, tell us your stories as we sleep and dream.

So my question is “ Autumn are you there”

(Just a snippet of our Autumn Equinox Rite)

Would you like to join us

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