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Autumn is a Doorway!!Come and join us for Autumn Equinox.

We warmly invite you to our Autumn Equinox rite and to join our Community

Come and join us for Autumn Equinox ~ Harvest Home ~ September 18th 2pm to 6pm Hosted beyond the Woodland Gate!!

We call upon Autumn and she will appear: Standing at the edge of our circle she will speak many words, weaving them into the tapestry of the rite and ritual!!

The Autumnal Equinox, also called Harvest Home, Mabon or Alban Elfed its a time of transition and change, a time of honouring the changing seasons and a time of reflection and balance.

Autumn will invite us to take a Wild Wood card, a gift and message to work with over the Winter Months, when we return on Winternights/ Dis-Blessing”, or “Frey-Blessing And known to some as Vetrnaetr we will drop down even further, we will drop into complete darkness, a place of dreams, rest and germination , we will journey deep into the Cauldron, to Scry and See to bring another thread of wisdom to our cards and its message!!

The autumn equinox is the time of repose, we begin to spiral inwardly, for us within our rite we will take a journey, both physically and Magically/ Shmanicaly, Illuminating our path, we will travel the spiral into the centre, rest and seek inspiration, wisdom, insights!! In nature this is the time where days become shorter and nights are longer. We will step into this consciously and magically.

Its the midpoint between the summer and winter solstices, when the day and night is of equal length and light and dark are balanced. It marks the beginning of the dark half of the year for the northern hemisphere, when nights are longer than days.

By the time of the Autumnal Equinox, the earth around us is showing the signs of the journey into winter – with later dawns and earlier sunsets, the weather is cooler and the leaves on the trees are just beginning to turn wonderful colours.

The animals are busy preparing for winter – squirrels collecting nuts and acorns while birds prepare to migrate to warmer climates. Most of the grain and fruit harvests have been gathered in and its now time to harvest the apples, grapes, squashes and nuts, to preserve them for winter.

We will perform a rite together . Craft and create our collective altar. We will make medicine. We will weave and share our stories as we continue our journey from harm to healing, sitting within our Sacred Circle

We are honoured to uphold this beautiful tradition that is rooted in old Magic!!

Channelled Message from Breena - Gateways, Doorways and Bridges Between The Worlds.

You know that soft Autumn light where everything seems to have a orange golden hue, everything becomes a little slower and dreamy, time feels as if it soften and slows.. Moments where it seems as if you have stepped outside of it....

The leaves within the trees burst with colour an explosion of red, purples, oranges and yellows, the light pouring through the branches... A prism of light... A space cracks open in the liminal and this is the very light I travel on... I become a thousand threads of light, if you were to see me, I would look like an array of Orange , Golden, Red fire flies.

I move beyond time across the rainbow bridge ... I burst through the hedge .. for this is how I journey and travel ... I move between the Worlds..

Beloved Shane, You have spent a lifetime with one foot here and one foot in the afterlife somewhere we call the Summerland's... And a thousand souls have travelled to speak with you and those they hold dear.. Would it not be possible to do the same, between our worlds?

Remembering the rites and rituals.. As a child when playing you chassed the light, the particles and fractures of that light, tumbling though your hands...

The soft hues that become a crack in the worlds... Autumn is a doorway, see it as a opening into the liminal... See it as a gateway, as a doorway, a bridge...

May eve and again in Winternights a window, gateway, doorway and bridge, that stretches open into Winter Solstice, Yule and beyond...

Your curiosity stirs to Enoch the Owl.. Owls are the guardians of those openings , they sit between the worlds , they are creatures of twilight , dusk and dawn. They live in the liminal they have stood at the entrances to our worlds for thousands of years.. They are a messenger for where they appear, we are close by.

Prints and Visionary Art

May that light hold and carry us over the winter months, for now we enter the seasonal twilight, it's time to draw the curtains, set a match to the fireplace and light a candle and go inwardly!!

We are so excited and honoured to share and warmly invite YOU on this journey with us..

Our vision and offerings of Seership, Healing, Foraging, Immersive experiences and Journeys..

A journey that is rooted into remembrance.

To join us for our Rites and Journey's we would ask you to join our Community space a space that supports and merges our on and offline Community!!

We all have a truly rich heritage of deep mystical knowledge: wisdom and direct experience that courses through our veins. We descend from the Mystery Schools

Enabling these offerings to be accessible is really important to us. This is our main tier where you can choose your contribution amount at the checkout, starting at £1 per month. Which gives you access to everything we are sharing over there.

The land beneath our feet is releasing her stories so we may remember that we were once all alchemists and magicians…

In joining you will have access to all our offerings and teachings. rites and rituals on and offline, nourished within a beautiful woodland setting.. We see Earth Journeys as a thread from the old world a Modern Day Hedge School, a space of deep remembrance, a place beyond learning!!

Love Shane and Jo - Earth Journeys

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