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Cold Full Moon Candle Spell- Weaving Some Magic this New Years Eve!!

2020 is falling into twilight its coming to an end, and we're experiencing the very last full moon of the year.. The December 29-30 Full Moon known as Cold or Oak Moon arrives in the sign of Cancer.

We are sitting in between time... Absolute favourite time of the year, these next few days. Magical, quiet twilight period between Xmas and New Year. A giant life lie-in... This time between Christmas Day and New Years, it's the longest Sunday. Lovely and cosy dreamy days... Black and white films and stuffing sandwiches. Woodland walks... Candle Lit evenings... And Dream Tea..

Yet with this Last Full Moon of 2020 it brings a sense of heightened emotions bubbling under this final Full Moon of the year, in tender, loving Cancer it could be a bit of a emotional close. A feeling of reflection, so here is a few questions to nourish, What gifts were sent your way this year? What did you learn? What did you discover? How have you grown?

Take time to listen to the needs of your body, heart, and soul. There has been lots of fear, placed on the state of our health this year, so take pause to honour, nourish, and attend to your own well-being. The Full Moon can light the path for the new year. It calls for us to let go of all that is weighing us down and all that feels heavy.

It asks for us to let go of anything we no longer wish to bring with us into this new chapter we are about to begin. It calls for us to let it go, not through struggle or effort but through allowing ourselves to just be.

And Now for a little Magic ...

That blends the Full Moon and New Years Eve in a gentle yet punchy way...

You could try it a few minutes before or after midnight or at any time during the following day. You can also perform it with your family or friends, changing the "I" to "we." We will be using our Candle that we have been burning for the last 25 Nights, the candle that has sat within our Advent Spiral.. A Peace Candle.. When ready, light the candle and say:

As I light this candle,

I bid the Old Year farewell,

(Open your Front Door)

Out with the Old

In with The New

Out With the False

In With The True

With gratitude for milestones passed,

And memories held and cherished.

I welcome the New Year in

With love and warmth and blessings.

Blessings from Above, Anchored in Love..

That the quality of this new year be assured,

I now dedicate a moment to visioning

Some ways to craft and weave this year

Into A year of Goodness,

A year of Greatness.

A year of Heart!!

Pause for a moment to envision the year, rather than creating.. approach this with a sense of listening to what is coming.. to what you are receiving.. Become the kind of person that you want to be. Enhance these visualizations by imagining this feeling and images charged with energy and bathed in glowing light. Then continue:

And thus do my wishes for the year

take on their own life and purpose.

So does the year itself

take on a glowing life and strength;

A bright year, a bold year,

a golden year, a year of light!

So may this year nurture all that sits in my heart,

and may it be anchored in peace and grace..

to one and to all.

Now return to your Evening, or whatever you have planned. You can allow the candle to burn continuously, or relight it every morning to reactivate the magic of your celebration. Whether the candle takes a few days or a few months to burn down, know in your heart that its flames will radiate your blessings to carry through the next 12 months out...

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