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Door Washing Charm

Simple energetic care-taking!! I never perform Magic half heartedly or lightly!! It’s something I sit with and then move into!! With Winternights firmly here its a time where I like to clear , clean and seal the door and threshold Magically..

A simple charm to help safeguard the home and boost harmonious energies within. And who knows a little magical gift for your visitors too..

Known as “The Door Washing Charm”

Our front doors are the portals between the outside world and the sanctity of our homes. Whether your front door is the actual entrance you use to get into your house, or you go round the back or through the side.. this gateway deserves some attention.

Using a combination of Oils and Herbs into a bucket and as I add them I enchant them.

A pinch of Rosemary to clear and cleanse, a pinch of Thyme, to hold and remember all that is good and great, 3 cloves of Garlic to protect, a small bowl full of Salt, for good measure, juice of 3 Lemons, to clear the way, a handful of Rose petals, to call in love, ,9 drops of Orange oil to bless and make it sweet.

Stirring clockwise, I recite the words 3 times

Out with the old

In with the new

Out with the false

In with the true..

Concluding with a little something special..

Then by the powers of 3 times 3 this is my will so may it be!!

Then I clean the door Inside then Outside! Across the threshold with a sprinkle of salt .! At the same time I recited my Magic, a simple yet punchy Spell... standing at The Door!!

I am reinforcing my Boundaries of Light! For this is my sacred rite!!

I Let the words and actions move from within me.. Magic is Organic, it's alive , it is not just merely performed..

I fixed and anchored a Magical Ward across the threshold and Imprinted it into the Door using the water..

Magic is about feeling it’s what charges the rite and spell!! I would always perform this after the tie cutting rite and after smudging the house..

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