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Druidry was the spark that lit the fire

My Interview on The Holistic Channel

"Its never by chance its by design" A few days back I was having a chat via facetime with Matt, within our catch up Matt pointed up to the sky ( as I often do, when gesturing the innate ) and he simply said " The Druids are coming" he grinned ear to ear.. I was so curious and taken back, Druidry was a spark that led me to the path I stand upon today.

For me this journey began a very long time ago, initiated out of my pilgrimage through the Scottish Mountains.. As we say “ Our path is one of doing” I discovered the Runes, through dreams and guidance, then spent years following and hunting out the path, traveling yet somehow never arriving, it led me into the thick and also the fringe of the Drudic path, yet something was missing, I felt most at home within the Ovate Grove, similar to a Hedge Witch, yet something was off, not quite rooted or feeling fully at home, I was feeling something, for me, that was deeper, more wild, less tamed, a rawness, and then the recent discovery of our heritage, everything fell until place.

Yet Druidry was the spark that lit the fire, for that I give a thousand thanks and around 9/10 years ago I was invited to Anderida Gorsedd at the Long Man of Wilmington. An open ritual, which was then filmed by " The Holistic Channel '' alongside this myself and many others were interviewed, for a project that was then being worked into a documentary, about Morden day Druidry.. As I say that was around 9/10 years ago and I had long forgotten that moment on the hillside, the project had become a distant memory, then this Monday out of nowhere I received a beautiful email from Nicola from the Holistic Channel..

Hello Shane,

It was many years ago that we filmed you and the Anderida Gorsedd at the Long Man of Wilmington. I do apologise for the film taking so long to be made public, as I know you all made a special effort to attend that day and re-enact a ceremony.

I have created a website for the interviews which we filmed for the documentary and plan to make the film available online in the summer.

I was wondering if you would like your very short interview included on the website ?

So surreal.. I will not ever Forget Matt's words they echo on within me " The Druids are coming" So much of our lives is entwined feted and part of the Wyrd as we often say

" What is meant for us does not pass us by"

The snippet of my Interview, just under the Long Man of Wilmington, it reminds me how deep this path runs within me , even back then I was weaving stories and tales, and my language of earth based traditions hasn't changed to much...Yet Im not so sure it was 4 months in the Scottish wilderness, more like 2, poetic license ha ha

Here is a link to the Documentary website some beautiful interviews from some inspiring people within Druidry and the Heathen Path.. Wonderful website.. The Film is going to be magical...

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