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Enchanted Magical Soap Making and How 2..

I posted some pictures of my enchanted Yule soaps and I got asked if I could share a recipe and maybe a Blog as some of you wanted to know my methods, so here you are!

First thing you will need to do is choose your soap base. I use natural organic melt and pour bases because it draws moisture into itself and because lye based soaps are a bit too chemically intense for my liking..

Glycerin melt and pour soap bases are widely available online (Amazon?) and come in a wide variety. You have shea butter glycerin soap, goats milk glycerin soap, honey glycerin soap, and soooo many more. I usually use Organic glycerin BUT if you want to witch it up you can certainly use your own their is plenty to choose from...

Next choosing scents. I use herbs and essential oils in all my soaps, use SPARINGLY and properly diluted. A teaspoon of rosemary oil in a pound of soup is alright. But be careful for skin reactants. However when properly diluted, essential oils really add a lovely scent to your soaps that can last on the skin for hours and hours.

Be sure to pick a good quality brand that doesn’t contain alcohol or other questionable ingredients.

When choosing scents, there are a few things to keep in mind (which you can find pretty easily as perfumers basics online). You want three types of oils in your mixings to create a signature scent^tm. A base note, a middle note, and a top note. Base notes generally consist of your woodsy patchoulis, cederwoods, cloves and the like. Mid notes would be more citrusy or a little lighter in nature like your lavenders, oranges and lemongrasses. And for top notes these are usually more floral like jasmine, ylang ylang and lemon verbena.

The purpose of combining scents like this, is because the top notes are what you first smell from the scent, but are also what evaporate most quickly, then the mid notes and so on.

Some of my favourite oils are (for two pound at a time pours)

4 tsp Vanilla Essential oil

1 tsp Orange Essential Oil

¼ tsp Clove Essential oil

1 tsp Patchouli Essential Oil

2 tsp Lavender Essential oil

2 tsp Vanilla Essential oil

1 tsp Orange Essential oil

2 tsp Tangerine Essential oil

1 tsp Bergamot Essential oil

If the scents arent strong enough, you can always add a little more. When diluted in two pounds of soap a little more wont hurt.

The last element of your soap is mostly for visual purposes, though you can certainly make it witchy, and includes things like colouring, flowers and salts. One of my more recent soaps pictured here