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Hedgerow Soaps And Shampoo Bars

During the Winter Weeks and Months I love to use the time that would of been used in the Kitchen Garden, to nurture our humble home... To clean, clear out, to attend to the jobs that summer never allows, even painting our hallway .. to go inward, to rest a little, and at times allot more.. To sleep, To Dream, Long Hot Healing Herbal Baths.. Get creative This Winter is no different... Reading in candle light.. AND Importantly learning new skills... Always adding to knowledge and over time nurturing that into Wisdom and Experience.. Well here we have Hedgerow Soaps made from a Organic Base, Two different types.. The first being a Coconut Milk and Local Honey Shampoo Bar and The Other being A Wild Mint and Tee Tree Shampoo Bar..

I was deeply amazed to how wonderful they smelt as we infused the Mint and Oils.. leaving them to set overnight in the fridge we ended up with 17 bars... Such a gift we wont be buying Soap or Shampoo ever again... Making your own Herbal Shampoo bars is so humbling... Our next batch will be Orange Oil and Ginger a Soap/Shampoo bar for Yule.. Then a Nettle Mint.. Deeply Cleansing ... Last Night I dreamt of crystal soaps.. Their is a man I need to talk to about that ha ha...

Alongside soap making me and the little guy are learning to play the Flute and Shruti Box.. more about that beautiful journey soon... yesterday a lovely lady turned to me and said Shane your a "Life Doctor" they has kind of feels right.. In the coming weeks as we move into December we will launch our new FB page incorporating and fusing together The Consulting, Hedgerow/Woodland and Food Growing Wisdom all in one space.. Life Doctor meets Hedge Row Apothecary!! in the meantime.. Keep Shinning Beautiful People...

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