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Honouring the Mothers, Maidens and Elders within our life, thank you for your greatness.

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

From that very first breath, women have been playing a major role in our lives, feeding, nurturing and comforting us as infants, expanding the role as we grow older into moulding, mentoring and nourishing us, our mothers share the bonded cord being tightest during that time. As we grow and develop, it stretches to allow us the space to become our own little person.

The teenage years, we start to twist, turn and yank at that cord, fighting for our independence yet she still holds on gently, as she watches us grow, mature and take our place in the world.

Sometimes it takes a life-altering incident that makes us take stock and really see and appreciate, and sometimes it is becoming a mother yourself that unravels the same threads and the penny drops into place that not only her, but your grandmother. her mother and so on back for generations, where the same things have been taking place, and the real appreciation of what she did for you starts to grow and you feel her strength within your being.

Some may say “that is not what I experienced” and I hear that.. I feel that and know that from direct experience , from a very young age my own mum was absent from our lives, and sadly many years ago passed.. I was 12 and my younger brother was only 4, Our Father raised the 3 of us with so much grit and heart.. Yet I love and honour Our Mother with all my heart, for where I sit today, I understand fully her journey, and how painful that was for her, us and our Incredible Dad..

Yet if we look deep into ourselves we will find a presence that holds a light in our lives... The one that was here even in the background silently watching and being that strength for us. Either from this side or the other side of life..

So whether it be your birthmother, your grandmother, or a mentor, or an ancestor that you have taken into that role, take the time to feel their strength and the love and nurturing that they have given to you. Honour their sacrifices and celebrate their joy. After all, a little piece of them lives on in you.

Some of this is beautifully inspired by Jenni Franz

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