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I hold the stories and the history of my kind, of my people and in time I will share and teach you

I am trying to find the words after receiving this incredible portrait of this beautiful being!! Our story goes back a long way, I am sure of it, yet lets begin here, It was May Eve, with my staff and woollen smock to hand I gently headed out, North of The Bothy up towards The Blackthorn Hedge and the Old Oak that sits literally on the Boundary of the fields.

What called me here was the dreams that started just after the Winter Solstice in 2020, a time that I have traditionally blended a Dream Tea, in ritual, whilst holding scared intent!! An intention to Journey and Dream, to see and reveal pathways for the coming year!! The dreams were showing me a gathering of people standing in a circle, beside the Hedge and Old Oak!! The Hedgerows often feel like liminal spaces, cracks between places, between worlds…


I felt deeply what was being asked of me was to once again facilitate Earth Journeys, honouring the Cycles and Seasons, the old Magical Traditions of our lands, to nourish and nurture community, especially at this time. Simple Truths for a complicated world. I felt a strong nudge to sit out, known by my Ancestors as Utesitta, to listen to the land, May Eve is a traditional time to seek permission from the The Landvættir Landwights, The Fae, this is a time when they are on the move, two gateways of the year that they are on the move, May Eve and Winter Nights the 31st October, where the veil is thinnest.. A time traditionally my ancestors would seek permission from them and the land for holding rites, and rituals for the coming year and to nourish a relationship with them. For they are the keepers of the land.. A simple Blot and Offering was honoured, it was as if I had remembered and I dropped like a stone in water, dropping through the layers..

Deep into the liminal, I felt a presence of Freya, yet she was not alone, I felt her with a being that was so light!! She was watching, a Landwight, Fae, A rare encounter, I felt so emotional, humbled and honoured as I felt the Fae hide from humans and its rare for them to show themselves, they are cautious of us, she was filled with so much light, love and deep wisdom, she has a beautiful story, I felt a answer forming and permission was seeked and met!!

I felt as I opened my eyes, I could see and feel the answer, “ You sit where the Old Meets the New” I was sitting on the edge of an ancient Hedgerow and a line of Oaks that lead Northwards that once defined the County Border.. I looked out East from The Bothy, the distant flicker of light, the signs of modern life industrial buildings,” The two worlds are calling if not longing to be merged, share it teach it above all else live it” I wandered back on that Saturday night, wrapped in my cloak, clutching my staff, knowing a ripple had been set in motion, Only I never quite knew what was to unfold…


Deeply Humbled by this message…

Her message is “ I hold the stories and the history of my kind, of my people and in time I will share and teach you our stories, yet see them as not being taught more as a remembering, we have lived beside you humans and humanity for thousands of years, Its time to remember, for this is the cycle of return.. Dearest Shane , you speak of moving from harm to healing and being woven back into the centre!! This is the lantern of light we hold for you, Our kind and yours once had a tangible, living breathing relationship, we walked together, Shane do you remember? On May Eve you remembered, and I heard your call, I am here now and always have been, I watched you in this life as young boy, you knew then we were close, your imagination was a bridge to that truth, Now we are both a little older ( she smiled and laughed ) together we will weave the old stories into the fabric of now, inviting people to unlock the magic and beauty of our worlds , and once more we will become kin and clan.. Shane share, and teach, above all else, live by the truths, the songs, the stories… and deeper still, live by your heart always!!! Bridge the Worlds.. I am Breena remember me for I remember you!! I hold all the stories and history of my people, of my kind!! I am a record keeper, Remember me for I Remember you!! "

I cried and cried , it was like I had remembered such an old and dear friend!! and a part of me that had died and that was killed and lost!! bound and drowned, burnt and persecuted from my being and memory!! We are in a cycle of return, for we are moving from harm to healing and we are being woven back into the centre.. I am deeply touched, honoured forever grateful, My heart is Full!!


Here is Sheila sharing the wonderful journey of how she brings these beautiful beings into the here and now!! A lovely little insight into The Fae, and just what is a Spirit Guide Portrait.

Sheila's Website and how to undertake your Very Own Portrait

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