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LÁ NA NAITHREACHA SONA DAOIBH - Happy Father's Day to those with us and those looking down on us.

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Happy Father's Day to those with us and those looking down on us.

With a heart of deep gratitude honouring the men who show up, who love, who mentor, who care, and those that have stepped up and acted as a father with all their heart, those incredible role models, for what’s really possible.” Those Men that were selfless, loving and gave beautiful examples. Anchored in service, to serve in a way that is greater than themselves. Both service and love lead to presence. That’s probably the biggest key in a father figure: being there. When someone is truly there, forging a connection between you. Deep listening, Presence means being there, even when you're not there, your presence, love, anchoring is!!

“Being extraordinary is a choice, and to be an exceptional father figure a man leans into that choice every single day.”

My father didn’t tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it. The words we speak have a profound effect on our attitude. Being A Father is the greatest of gifts, I give thanks to my Dear Father and Dad, who truly inspires me and has given me the most incredible tools to be the Father I am today!! To nurture the future is to be a Father!!

To all fathers past, present and future may you be blessed may Goodness be with you and bless you, may you see your Children's Children, May you know goodness and greatness from this day forward!! ~ IRISH BLESSING

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