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"Lammas/ Loaf Feast Rite. We wove, we weave, we craft, we crafted"

We warmly invite you to our Lammas rite and to join our Community

This beautiful Corn Doll rests in the Magical Space Within our kitchen reminding me The Old Ways are so relevant in the times we live in!! Bridging the Ancient with the Morden, To craft, make, weave, anchoring and navigating such uncertain times!!! A way of connecting and reconnecting to what is so important and simple, connection to ourselves, the land we stand upon, the air we breathe, and its people, and their stories, and traditions, those who come before us and those who are yet to come!! The Ebbs and Flows of the Seasons and the turning of the Wheel!! The beautiful Doll came to me just before Imbolc 2019 gifted by my dear friend @puregroundflowers, for me, She represents Brigid merged with Ceres, the goddess of agriculture and of the ripe corn, from seed to corn!! even then she gently whispered to me these words

“ Hope and Renewal” Hope being the word that carries, whilst there have been the darkest of days that the land is upholding its promise there will indeed be longer and brighter days!!! And so Hope also lives within us!!! What stories of Hope live within us? What stories of Hope can we share around our Lammas Fires?

“Hope can be a powerful force. Hold it like a light within you, you can make things happen, almost like magic.” Light candles and fires often. Not only will you find me in the flames when you choose to look, you will find a spark within yourself” Yet important questions remain when the world breaks down, how should it be put back together?

With Love and Courage!!

Come and join us for Lammas July 28th 2pm to 5pm

We are going to gently share the skill of weaving a corn dolly for everyone to craft, take home to their altars ,fire places!! As we weave, we will invite you to weave in intentions for the coming year!! We will bless the land and our lives by gifting a loaf to the Landwights, and a story or two around the fire.

We will also gently place an offering on the fire of a large corn dolly, the ash of which is then collected, stored and gifted back to the land in the coming spring, it's literally ploughed back into the land!! In ritual.. This is the deep core meaning of Lammas and evokes the fullness and fulfilment of the present harvest, holding at its heart the seed of all future harvests.

Lammas is the first harvest, a time for gathering in and giving thanks for abundance; At Lammas the Goddess is in Her aspect as Grain Mother, Ceres the Harvest Mother, Harvest Queen, represents the ripe corn of this year’s harvest and the seed which drops back deep into the dark earth, hidden throughout the winter, to reappear in the spring as new growth. So as the grain harvest is gathered in, there is food to feed the community through the winter and within that harvest is the seed of next year’s rebirth, regeneration and harvest. The Grain Mother is ripe and full; heavily pregnant she carries the seed of the new year’s Sun God within her. This is the deep core meaning of Lammas and evokes the fullness and fulfilment of the present harvest, holding at its heart the seed of all future harvests.

But underlying this is the knowledge that the bounty and energy of the Sun, is now beginning to wane. It is a time when the year changes and shifts. Active growth is slowing down and the darker days of winter and reflection are beckoning. For the Sun God, the God of the Harvest, the Green Man, or John Barleycorn, surrenders his life with the cutting of the corn. In the form of John Barleycorn, he is the living Spirit of the corn, or grain. As the corn is cut so John Barleycorn is cut down also. He surrenders his life so that others may be sustained by the grain, and so that the life of the community can continue. He is both eaten as the bread and is then reborn as the seed returns to the earth.

For us Harvest is a real tangible practise, we are honoured to uphold this beautiful tradition that is rooted in old Magic!!

We are so excited and honoured to share and warmly invite YOU on this journey with us..

Our vision and offerings of Seership, Healing, Foraging, Immersive experiences and Journeys..

A journey that is rooted into remembrance.

To join us for our Rites and Journey's we would ask you to join our Community space a space that supports and merges our on and offline Community!!

We all have a truly rich heritage of deep mystical knowledge: wisdom and direct experience that courses through our veins. We descend from the Mystery Schools

Enabling these offerings to be accessible is really important to us. This is our main tier where you can choose your contribution amount at the checkout, starting at £1 per month. Which gives you access to everything we are sharing over there.

The land beneath our feet is releasing her stories so we may remember that we were once all alchemists and magicians…

In joining you will have access to all our offerings and teachings. rites and rituals on and offline, nourished within a beautiful woodland setting.. We see Earth Journeys as a thread from the old world a Modern Day Hedge School, a space of deep remembrance, a place beyond learning!!

Love Shane and Jo x

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