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The Crafts the Tools that are made and used within our tradition. The Blot/Offering Bowl.

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Beautiful Bowl Crafted by Moon Goddess Garden Art

The wonderful thing about a community, that works with its hands is the skills that are shared, taught, and also traded, is the crafts that tools that are made within our tradition , I felt that following on from Mondays Post and Blog, link here. I would start to share and introduce some of the most beautiful handcrafted tools that I have and use.

First up is My Blot/ Offering bowl this bowl is stunning, its inscribed by Runes surrounding the rim of the bowl and in its heart is the symbol Vegvisir, The rune stave had the power to ensure its wearer never got lost, and always found their way home, even when they did not know the way. It was a wayfinding symbol, also often called the Norse Compass. My intent and deep magic here is for the Community, Kin and Clan to always find their way no matter what comes!! Feels to be so true as we continue to move from harm to healing, and rebuild after the rubble and remains of 2020 and 2021.

Blōt rites centre around the offering of food or drink, for me I often offer Mead yet Magical workings are infused into the dedication of the Blot and its Bowl, and tends to be followed by a feast. It may be a simple rite or a more elaborate holding feasts and celebrations based around blōt and symbel at rites of passage (such as weddings or baby-namings), seasonal holidays, oath-takings, rites in honour of a particular God or Goddess. It also changed at times of the year the great midwinter blót, or Jól, Yule, took place right after winter solstice and was celebrated for 12 nights, hence the Yule Log .

Next up is the Talking stick!!! We will explore its Magic and how it fits beautifully into the work we do!!


Wonderful Talking Stick Crafted by my dear friend Elaine from Summer Lodge alongside the beautiful Blot Offering Bowl.

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