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My friends the Quakers-Holding the Light

Image Credit - The Ministry of The stove Aeon.com

Life is full of experiences, gifts and challenges, which often with some time lead to growth. Everyone you meet has a story, I often feel that the many people you meet is for a reason, not some chance encounter, or accident. Its a well thought through plan and design, you may not see it at the time.

The universe is a vast mystery that we may never be able to solve in our lifetime. However, it's fascinating to ponder what's out there, and if there's someone gazing at us the same way we look at the stars.

This feels the perfect day to post this!! Over the last few months I have been privileged to meet some incredible people within my journey in the Regenerative approach to sustainability, environmental concerns, and community. Some of those lovely people,have been practicing Quakers!! Who have so much humility and heart, conviction and integrity in the way they move through this world.

What I have seen is they work actively to leave the world in a better place .

Particularly concerned with human rights, based on their belief in equality of all human beings and social justice, peace being the core value!! Alongside environmental issues - Quakers seek to live simply so as to reduce the burden on the world, At the heart of their core values is community life. A solid foundation in my world, I really feel we are moving from The I and individual to the Us and the We!!

I love the way they approach there Spirituality it’s so simple!! Sitting within silence, meeting outside within nature or in simple public building known as friends meeting houses, they think that faith should be more personal, and based on a person's inner conviction and on taking part in a shared search for the truth with other Quakers. Sitting in the presence of A universal Innate spiritual intelligence, that flows through all things!! With an anchoring to the land and the earth!!

Well that Feels very familiar!! They sit together within a circle or square!! It feels to have so much heart!! Simple and full of beautiful core values!!

They often talk about “Holding The Light”

Quakers believe that the Innate speaks through the contributions made at the meeting. Some people say that there is often a feeling that a divine presence has settled over the group. How amazing is that!!

They say that the words that are shared come from the soul - from the inner light - rather than the mind. Quakers know that even if the words they feel moved to speak have no particular meaning for themselves, they may carry a message from the Innate to other people.

I am excited and little nervous to have been invited along to my first Quaker Meeting!! To sit in the silence in a meeting house here in Sussex that’s history goes back to 1676 and used continuously since then by the Quaker community, it is one of the oldest purpose-built Friends meeting houses in the world. I am very humbled!!

This beautiful short video really does weave together the essence of this beautiful approach to the Quaker Path.