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Some of the golden nuggets and breakthroughs I have experienced this year!

As you look out into the world what do you see? The way we lived had become so normalised, yet nothing about it is normal.. Yet the tide of light is running, the tide is changing.. For many of us we have created a huge stop and pause and in turn we are making different choices…. A quiet revolution is under way!! It starts with us, inside our homes, communities, and ripples out… Its becoming contagious… Its wholesome, rooted and anchored in Radical Truth, Radical Responsibility, and Radical Compassion…and deep No Nonsense Kindness!!

Where we find ourselves in this current world situation is not all about knowing what to do next, taking leadership of our immediate everyday lives and nourishing our communities - Working with what is directly in front of us - becoming fully present as possible. Find the courage to stop, a deep stop, blood and bone deep, let yourself crumble and come back to you!! Then rest deeply in self, recover, meet you, meet the truth of who you are, and what is real, there is nothing to do only be present.

Here are some of the Golden Nuggets I broke through and discovered this last year!!

  • It's about discerning where your time, attention and energy goes to affect, influence the most and greatest good. Did you ever wonder why it was so easy to say no when you were a little kid and why it has become so difficult now? What happened? take control, challenge yourself, and learn to say no.. Importantly saying yes to what makes your heart sing.

  • There is nothing more important than your own health and wellbeing.. I took a fall in March of this year (2021) fell 5ft backwards off a grass bank.. Into hospital with a suspected spinal injury, then proceeded to sleep for 12 days in a chair, because I could not lie backwards. OMG did that bring into sharp focus all of the above.. A huge gift and teacher, as I recovered and I did, there was a depth of gratitude more so, than ever before, another layer of solid rooted strength was born..

  • Remain teachable, when we stop learning we stop leading? I do that by reading books, visiting places that inspire me, attending events that prompt me to pursue change, and spending time with people who stretch me and expose me to new experiences. My friends, family, yet my greatest teachers have always been Spirit themselves, nourishing direct experience.

  • On the rare occasions those physical Teachers, Mentors who have shown up and appeared, it's never been by chance, it's been by deep design, often a nudge or a deep magical coincidence… The most wholesome, beautiful mirrors!!

  • When Nothing Is Certain, Everything becomes Possible. We are capable of so much. Think of all the possibilities rather the impossibilities. Take a minute. Stop. Breathe. and Think. This world is filled with things that are awaiting our exploration. Make it a lifelong goal to never stop growing.

I am really stoked to embark on a new journey, I have enrolled into a training program with Bridget Neilson who's such an inspired incredible Mentor, I am training in Ancestral Healing, Inherited Trauma, the Imprints that echo through time, it ties in so deeply with my work, especially as I find myself dropping into a vaster greater understanding of roots, heritage and the ripples that are coursing through the generations, I feel its not only about unlocking trauma its also about revealing deep hidden potential, wisdom and gifts..

Feeling so blessed and so grateful to have discovered this path and the Soul Light Collective, an enriched community of leaders who are so generous with their time, care and wisdom.

Who says 11/11 was just another day!!

What are your biggest breakthroughs or deep learning this year? I would love to know, do please comment below?

A huge heartfelt thank you to all my teachers and mentors from the past, present, and future!! Deep honouring to @brigitannamcneill @touched_by_wildness Ivan Macbeth, Bridget Nielsen

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