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Some of the golden nuggets and breakthroughs I have experienced this year! & last few slots of 2022

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

This morning I had a fair few Emails asking about availability for December.. I have just gone through our Online Booking Software and Calendar. I have limited places left.. In total we have 3 spaces left for the remainder of 2022- between now and the Winter Solstice / Yuletide !!!

I will be taking a well deserved rest between the 17th December and the 4th of January..

Last Bookings can be made here

We will always (not just at Christmas) value experiences over possessions. Possessions are nice, but they rust, fall apart, get lost stolen, break . Experiences can’t be taken from us. They have eternal value, they live on within us... How about giving one of our: Consultations and Life Doctoring with Shane

Tools that Live beyond the Hour!!

Apologies for the run of Emails over the last couple of weeks. As we gently bring 2022 to a close we have had some beautiful news, experiences and opportunities to share,

with 1 last email around Mid December!!

Here is a gentle reminder!!

A rare opportunity - Staff Making With William

Mechanics of Magic - Candle Magic with Shane

Winter Solstice / Yuletide/ Mothernight Rite

Some of the golden nuggets and breakthroughs I have experienced this year!

As you look out into the world what do you see? The way we lived had become so normalised, yet nothing about it is normal.. Yet the tide of light is running, the tide is changing.. For many of us we have created a huge stop and pause and in turn we are making different choices…. A quiet revolution is under way!! It starts with us, inside our homes, communities, and ripples out… Its becoming contagious… Its wholesome, rooted and anchored in Radical Truth, Radical Responsibility, and Radical Compassion…and deep No Nonsense Kindness!!

Where we find ourselves in this current world situation is not all about knowing what to do next, taking leadership of our immediate everyday lives and nourishing our communities - Working with what is directly in front of us - becoming fully present as possible. Find the courage to stop, a deep stop, blood and bone deep, let yourself crumble and come back to you!! Then rest deeply in self, recover, meet you, meet the truth of who you are, and what is real, there is nothing to do only be present.

Something I love to do is sit with the Kettle, make a brew, and reflect with my journal, on what has taught me the most this last year!!

  1. There is nothing more important than your own health and wellbeing.. As we are being pushed to work longer and harder, let's not lose sight of how precious life and time are!!

There’s a grind culture that we have lived within, that triggered collective fight and flight, many families working every hour god sends, and some turning to food banks, alongside energy companies reporting profits like never before, there is nothing right or normal about that? I am not sure that we can work any harder or any longer, or even be able to work our way out of this engineered cost of living crisis that glamorizes busyness.

It claims that working overtime and sleeping in the office means you’re passionate, dedicated and driven. The statement is sometimes spoken with a hint of pride because in our culture “being over busy” means “being important.

Yet sadly many feel they have no other choice?

Now here is some golden advice as we approach Yule/ Winter Solstice / Christmas

For me, seasonal living is something I try to cultivate in my life, I nurture it. Not always easy, , yet it's not just a necessity it's essential for we have been led away from the natural rhythm of life have we not?

For me Slow living means focusing on impactful work and intentional living.

It means crossing the “shoulds” off your calendar, being Ok with saying no to make time for what’s really important to you. Nurturing community and spending time on the relationships that bring value to your life, cultivating friendships based around shared values.

But it’s also about purpose.

Whatever choices we make are intentional. There’s no following the crowd or going along with whatever’s popular. Slow living is about knowing your principles and letting them guide your decisions.

It means using technology for a specific purpose…

It means cutting out tasks that don’t move you towards a bigger purpose. And it means enriching time well spent.

And Knowing that more and faster isn’t always better!!

2. Remain teachable, when we stop learning we stop leading? I do that by reading books, visiting places that inspire me, attending events that prompt me to pursue change, and spending time with people who stretch me and expose me to new experiences. My friends, family, yet my greatest teachers have always been Spirit themselves, nourishing direct experience.

This last year has seen some profound and beautiful experiences, alongside new and old friends, and times bringing that all together in wonderful ways. Crafting my very own Drum!! To completing my training in Ancestral Inherited Trauma!!

On the rare occasions those physical Teachers, Mentors who have shown up and appeared, it's never been by chance, it's been by deep design, often a nudge or a deep magical coincidence… The most wholesome, beautiful mirrors!!

3. When Nothing Is Certain, Everything becomes Possible. We are capable of so much. Think of all the possibilities rather than the impossibilities. Take a minute. Stop. Breathe. and Think. This world is filled with things that are awaiting our exploration. Make it a lifelong goal to never stop growing.

It's about discerning where your time, attention and energy goes to affect, influence the most and greatest good. Above all else give yourself permission to cultivate deep kindness and compassion to self, possibly the greatest gift! you can gift another is this!!

To Stop, Pause, Dream Rest and Become!!

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