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Staff Crafting Journey with William

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Come and join William as he guides you along a ancient journey into crafting your very own Staff, in amongst his beautiful woodland!!

A magical staff has many names; a spirit staff, a walking stick, a wayfarers guide, a weary wanderer's companion. It has been used as a carved record of ones long journey, a symbol of authority, a support for an exhausted traveller .

Keeping a record of events in the carvings of a staff can be traced to the ancient Norsemen. Carving runes to tell a story or tale along it’s shaft was a practical and common practice amongst these travellers. This method of carving isn’t unique to the Norse however.

Celtic Shamans used a staff as both a symbol of authority, leadership and as a tool for spiritual journey. Often carved with mystical symbols, Celtic runes, or animals. These were the Shamans tool to help guide the path of his/her workings as well as the clan they served too.

Druids used carvings as a method to record stories of the Gods, the history of Ireland and mythical tales of beasts and magic.

Native American Shamans also used their staves to record tales. We might think of a totem pole as a large example; but the same type of totem carvings can be found in smaller versions too. From tall walking sticks to smaller talking sticks. These were used to record a journey or a great battle.

In all of these various cultures, a staff is often decorated as well as carved. Some Topped with the antlers of a deer, crystals , decorated with leather, feathers and/or stones or beads. The staff is unique to it’s owner and their position in the world. Giving special meaning to that person’s life and their usage of the staff.

Yet most of all it is a bridge between the worlds, channelling the energy of the unseen invisible world.


Within this magical day William will guide you into ceremony and ritual, to journey with the land itself, and with blessings and honour your staff will reveal itself, and slowly, gently throughout the day you will be supported to bring your staff alive. A tool that can guide you and serve you way into the future, if not forever!!

Woven with intention, ceremony to seal and bless you and your staff, and the many uses that it has!!

We will work as the leaves fall, the sap stops running and the land slows, the beautiful woodland takes on a whole different feel, it becomes liminal, a space between space, otherworldly in so many ways.

We work under our beautiful parachute shelter, nearby a welcoming fire, with a hearty soup and bread, and a brew never too far…

Date Sunday 27th November

Fee £75

£50.00 deposit on booking via BACS payment. Balance to be paid via cash on the day!!

Date and Time: Sunday 27th November 2022 10:00 - 4.00pm or there after!!

Location: 3 miles outside East Grinstead, West Sussex

Arrival 9.30 am - 9.45am for a 10.00 am start and opening ceremony

Full address on booking!!

Things to bring, boots, warm and waterproof clothing, snacks and water, and a big heart!!

To Book Your Place please email

Numbers limited to 10 so as to nourish and nurture each staff.

William, Shane and Jo Jo will assist you and your staff on a journey into the future.

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