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"Tales from The Bothy" Stories from beyond the 5 Bar Gate

Picture this if you can, it’s slowly getting dark, it’s getting allot darker allot earlier now? The days slowly drawing in? A sense of Autumn? Gently she is making herself known!! I’ve been feeling her whispers for a little while now!! Friday just gone, Dad, Tristan and I, potted up around 28 Chestnut Trees, on the way over we spotted the first full burst of yellow, in the leaves, Hello Autumn!!

There in the background is the radio, some Jazz, other than that the house is quiet!! Tristan’s sitting on the floor drawing a creature from a far away place!! Rhubarb bubbling on the stove, for tomorrows crumble and I’m sitting at my desk with a pen to hand!! Sunday’s feel a good day to drop u all a line? I can remember my dear Nan many, many years back writing to me when I worked away from home! She would often write to me on a Sunday!!

Hope all is well in your worlds and you had a wonderful week? The world is shifting so many things unfolding that seem surreal or even unreal..

Trump as The US president, Boris Johnson as our Prime Minster!! The Rain Forest burning at a rate 30km a hour!! I’ve reflected allot on last weeks post and the XR debate, it was like walking into a room and being told something that cannot be untold!! There was a part of me feeling a drive and urge,to rise up and support this shift that is required!! And another part of me what’s to disappear back into the quiet, the other side of the 5 bar gate and it’s harmony and peace!!! That space is nurturing us so much, literally feeding us and nourishing us and teaching us so much!!! This last week I watched Tristan water his winter salad that he has grown from seed, with so much care!! Sunlight surrounding him!! My heart could of burst!!

As I say, if you ever come visiting there will always be a chair hot tea and good conversation!!

The Bothy build and preparation is underway! Wednesday saw the start, a very emotional moment, in marking out the plot!! Just beautiful.. Friday afternoon on our way home Dad with the Cultivator turned the soil, there was talk it hadn't been turned in years!! Its time to reawaken it,bring it back to life.. Only a short while home and We had a Wonderful surprise visit, from my dear friends who are gifting and undertaking the build, tape measures and notebooks to hand shaping and crafting an incredible vision!! We stood overlooking the plot watching the Sun drop as our neighbour with her watering can to hand, finished her tasks with grace, working away with a sense of ease!! It is so still there!! From there we were taken out for supper!! time around the table!! What a beautiful special day!!!

I know in my heart its from here I can encourage and nourish change sharing the insights of slow seasonal living. That and the many Consultations I am privileged to undertake… Not so slow, of late, yet purposeful and full of meaning, the height of summer, growing by day, occasional water fights.. Consulting preserving, cooking and learning into the evenings, full days.. yet so fulfilling, come Winter, as the wheel turns, more restful, reflective, cozy days and evenings, hot chocolate, and leaf monsters, I smile with that thought... The Natural order of Things... The Seasons..

There is such a community here!! All of what Dad has shown, shared and taught me is coming to life, this last week he taught me how to prune the Raspberry Bushes..

I watch these guys from XR make a stand and share so forcefully and try to shake things into change!!! You can get swept along!!!

Yet As dear Elaine shared with me “ Don't forget life is pretty damn wonderful.

Its easy to get dragged down by all the negative crap in the world and be drawn into

the worry and anxiety of so many problems, and yes, awareness is super empowering.

But always come back to the place of love and appreciation for the way life is right


We're blessed beyond words and life for us right now is incredibly wonderful.

Don't yearn too much to live in the past and don't squander the current moment by

wishing too far ahead.

Because right now, this very second, this life is the greatest gift you'll ever


I've never felt luckier or more blessed.”

Such Wise words thank you Elaine...

Words of heart and goodness.. such a powerful message for us all..

A few Closing thoughts!! The first signs of the Seed Potatoes Tristan and I planted a few weeks ago have burst through the soil, a sure good sign that they will be ready for Winter Solstice, Yule and Christmas!! All the preserving has now been done from Beet Chutney to Piccalilli to Courgette Relish and even Sauerkraut! And the most incredible Green Tomato and BlackBerry Chutney ! Learnt so much!! What a gift!! It is?

It’s been really lovely having your company xxx until next Sunday.. Keep Shining xxx

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Shane Gadd
Shane Gadd
Sep 14, 2019

@Cynthia Harris thank you for such a beautiful comment!! In this weeks blog Autumn Awakening I wrote about some feelings of how we may of lost our way and drifted into a Degenerative Culture?, One of consumption rather than giving back or Nurture? Have we have lost total respect for ourselves? and the Sacred? Living off the Land rather than living with The Land!! That is beautiful that you wrote to your friend, something very personal and graceful about taking the time to write to someone!! Beautiful thing to have done Cindy!! Yes back to basics I truly believe it centers us!! and nurtures us back home!! Its wonderful to have you here Cindy x Keep Shining :-)


Awwwwe Shane, so good to read your post. I've been feeling a bit lost and couldn't really figure out you always put it so very gently, the matter and hit it spot on, yes the seasons are beginning to change. Yes!!!! That's exactly what it is!!!!! It just seemed unrecognizable as I've been running around like my pants were on fire. It is time to slow down. So today being sunday I thought I'd sit down and write a letter to a dear friend who loves receiving letters, and then check my emails. As usual, right on time, there you were. After reading your post, feeling so much better for it. Back to basics and much better center…

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