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"Talking Stick" We Need to Go to the Deep Past to Find a Way Back to the Future.

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Talking Stick Hand Crafted by my dear Friend Elaine from over at Summer Lodge Weardale

I would love to introduce This Beautiful Hand Crafted “Talking Stick” gifted to me last Yule by my dear friend Elaine from.. crafted with so much care, love and deep Magic. Opening it I was speechless and very emotional.. It's so special.. So much Magic woven into the Imagery of this Talking Stick.. Anchoring beautiful and powerful things that are yet to come.. . As I have shared previously Our intention moving forwards is to continue to support and nurture the community , to facilitate journeys hold and hold space, as we start to rebuild from the remains and rubble of 2020 and 2021 and beyond .. The remains and rubble of our lives, jobs, friendships, relationships, there has been much loss.. Yet often in order to start fresh, everything first needs to completely fall apart... There is no going back…

We can only go forwards.. Rebuilding from the rubble of what remains.. People have changed through this process in the profoundest of ways... In some ways.. cracked open or ripped open.. open and raw.. shifted through force from events of this last year.. We are moving from harm to healing.. Its a time of Radical Responsibility and Radical Compassion and deep honesty and truth… A time of Us, We, and also I .. To be tender with those who are in deep shock.. And yet roll up our sleeves and get amongst the rubble and remains.. To then clear the way and nurture the new shoots and build a new way of life..

The Talking Stick Ceremony origins come from ancient wisdom . It is a place where people gather around a fire to find healing, contemplate, or give council. Is a place of listening openly, a place to express , of bonding, friendships, community and acknowledging life’s challenges. It is a powerful tool for families, couples communities to explore, to find positive outcomes and to help deep rooted issues surface, to be seen, be heard and ultimately transform and to be healed.

Our Intention is to weave this rite into our Earth Journeys. As we approach Winter Findings and Winter Nights, sharing our collective stories as we say farewell to a years end and head towards the heart of Winter and again at Ostara as we wake from our Deep Winter Rest.. Also to weave the rite in and around when we are called to do so.

Curious here is a link to Elaine's online shop and offerings

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