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The Journey of Medicinal Herbal Beers- A insight into Wild Brewing!!

Some lovely generous people sharing their knowledge, wisdom and experience, of Herbs and Botanical's .. Discovering Dad has a wild patch of Mugwort, growing in the woodland and an amazing hedge of wild Hops beyond the Five Bar Gate.. It all began to come together.. Since I've learnt to culture Live Wild Yeast similar to Sourdough and Kombucha cultures… Brewing Medicinal Herbal Beers has been a lifetime calling.. Its now taking shape….


Formerly every farmhouse inn had a brewing plant, and brew house attached to the buildings, and all brewed their own beer till the large breweries were established and supplanted home-brewed beers. Many of these farmhouses then began to brew their own 'stingo' from wayside herbs, employing old rustic recipes that had been carried down from generation to generation. The true value of vegetable bitters and herb beers have yet to be recognized by all sections of the community. In many ways the true value and wondrous mystery of herbal fermentation's, of brewing itself, has yet to be recognized in our modern Western world. But the mystery is still there, waiting to awaken our wonder, if we only let go and drink a little deeper.

Herbal beers were outlawed Mugwort is one of the oldest Medicinal beers.. Mugwort a old wise herb.. Mugwort is dreamy… They were replaced with Hops!! Hops also have a medicinal use!! Yet at the time they were used to dull people down!! The start of things to come?

On The Wild Side

Ancient Herbs have a story!! And if we can listen a little more deeply!! They often whisper their wisdom!! I brewed it on a waxing moon a few days before Septembers Full Moon and our humble house filled with a fusion of smells.. Mugwort, Ginger , Lemon and Hops a fresh uplifting smell..

This Mugwort and Lemon Beer is brought to you by a generous Community who have lovingly shared their collective wisdom and knowledge!!! Such a beautiful priceless gift!!

Who shared some wonderful wisdom and got me started on this Medicinal Beer Journey… Sophia recommended a wonderful book Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation...

Wild Yeast

Now this was one of the most amazing and celebrated aspects of wild Beer making, to craft and cultivate my own wild yeast, it was a breakthrough moment!! Cultivating a Ginger Bug is medicinal.. and goes back to the beginnings of Ginger Beer..

Ginger Bug

A Ginger bug is a wild-fermented starter culture made with sugar, ginger and water. It takes about a little less than a week of daily diligence to make one, and you can use it to make probiotic medicinal beers, Like sourdough starter, ginger bug is a starter culture that is rich in wild bacteria and yeast.

How it Works