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There is no Journey, There is no path!!

The next part of the journey is solidly underway!!

Yet here is the thing there is no journey, there is no path!!

The Journey and path is a dream, it's a trap, a total trap, a maze, a never ending story, it's a restless itch.. To think you are going to find what is right here, in a future time, is an illusion, it's a lie!! There is no here or their, or even over their!! There just is!! There is only and can only be, Oneness!! Their only is life!! Your not living a life, You are life!! You are it, light taking shape!! YOU ARE HOME!!

Awakening is the end of seeking, their is no path, no journey!! F*ck the plans their are no plans and right now plans cannot be made!! That restlessness is a itch. Stop scratching.. Stop Pause and Breathe and move into what is organic, what is unfolding!! Its Magic!! None of this is a mistake its never by chance its by design!! You are life You are light taking shape You are Home!!

This is what exploded in me as I woke this morning.. None of this is by chance its by design.. Winter 2019 I cleared my home and decluttered like never before.. And with it went several hundred Spiritual and new age books... Now I understand it like never before.. The best one to go was “The Secret”.. What is it, that we've been looking for? Its me, its you, its us. Its right here…

Shane On the Long Road Home - Video Exploring This and So Much More..

BOO!! . what a crazy f*cked up game of hide and seek its been.. I often get told I am a Teacher I am no Teacher.. I am a Mirror.. Your Inner light, Your Inner Compass that’s your Teacher that's your Sage and Guru.. Trust your heart, trust your presence, trust your life… None of this is a mistake .. its never by chance its by design.. Rest easy you are Home!!!

Boom not sure that life will ever be the same... Yet that's the new normal right?

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