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There’s Tea in The Pot!!

Suddenly the silence is broken as the Kettle whistles!!! Demanding my attention and reminding me its time for a brew!! There is something quite special about Brewing up a pot of good quality loose leaf tea, it’s a kitchen ritual that I adore. There’s something special about taking the time and care to do it right, that soothes and eases my soul and nurtures contentment.

It slows me down and brings me into the present!!! “There’s Tea in The Pot” a warm phrase welcoming familiar visitors!!! A sense of home, a sense of friendship!! In a simple act of sharing time over a cuppa!! An act that has been carried out around so many tables in so many front rooms and cafes and tea shops alike!! A good cup of tea and a chat has helped to solve many problems and bring some ease!! To the greatest of troubles but why?

What we are talking about here is making time!! Making time to connect!! Such a vital human need!! And in these times of huge change!! I say make more time for real tea, Community and Friendship!! As I said this last week I believe we are moving away from a time of individuality to community and in doing so,

“ I say reclaim the Tea Pot rather than the single mug and a tea bag for one!! “

Often I have sat around the fire, watching the Cast Kettle come to a slow boil, reflecting on the season gone by, What its brought!! Its Trials and Tribulations, its Celebrations and its Joys, What I can take from it?, What I can Carry forwards?, what I can do differently?…. What's going on?

Moving forwards with a sense of presence!!!

What Has this last season taught you? What can you do differently?

Now where's that Tea? Until next Sunday .. Much Love Shane

Ps What A Moon Tonight?

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