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To stand in a Copse, Grove, Meadow, alongside an ancient Hedgerow as my ancestors have..

To stand in a Copse, Grove, Meadow, alongside an ancient Hedgerow as my ancestors have, to Forage and Pick, Herbs, and Wild Foods is a gift, an honour, it fills my heart, an invisible thread of wisdom, that flows from those that have come before us.. And I have the greatest of thanks to My Dad and to his beautiful ancient woodland, a place that has rooted a clear vision and pathway forwards and to some of the wonderful wise women @pamela.naraya @brigitannamcneill who are humble, wise and generous with their knowledge, skill and craft, who share it with so much heart…

They are truly worth a follow… Medicine, Wild Foods, Soaps and Balms, Magical Elixirs, Teas and Soups and The Very Herbs, Plants, Trees themselves, The Land the Nettles, Crow Garlic, Elderflower, Dandelions and Rosehips, The Old Oak, Pine Needles, Mugwort and Yarrow all teachers, to work with them as my ancestors did, those that come before me and to gently pass it on and share it.. to cut a path and trail for those who are yet to come..

It is an honour and it fills me with pride, and deep meaning. It's such a gift to be surrounded by such a knowledgeable and generous community .

As I write this I have woven A smudge stick crafted from Grandmother Mugwort, she continues to teach me, as I craft Teas, Smudge Sticks and Medicinal Beers.. Mugwort is known by many names such as moonwort, lunar weed, dream herb, gypsy weed, crone wort, witch herb.

The Hedge, Woodland and Meadows is where my heart roams…

As Brigit beautifully says “We do this for our ancestors, who would have been drowned, burned or tortured for doing such a thing. “

We will be known forever by the tracks we leave.

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