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Using A Wand in Spell Craft.. Enchanting an Object!!

Using A Wand in Spell Craft here is a selection of my Wands from my tiny Hazel Wand to my Lapis and my recently gifted Phantom Quartz.. Gifted by good friend and Energy Dealer Matt from Golden Glow Healing who stocks a beautiful, unique array of Crystals and Points ideal for Magic.. Now If you’ve crafted your wand to be used for a specific intention, you can begin using it for your spells immediately. If you don’t know what kind of magic to use your wand for, you can perform a bit of magic to find out. Something my Mentor Avery showed me..

As Avery Shares

"The simplest way to do this is to ask your wand what energy it carries. To do this, hold your wand between your palms and close your eyes. Ask the wand (aloud or in your head), “What is your current energy?” Sit quietly and wait for a response. The response will usually come in the form of a thought the floats into your mind. Stay open to whatever responses you receive.

You can also lay your wand on your lap and close your eyes. Allow yourself to receive the receive the energy of the wand as you meditate. Do this for five to ten minutes. Journal about what kind of energy you’re picking up from your wand.

A third way to identify the energy of your wand is to use tarot or oracle cards. Shuffle your cards as you normally would and ask the question, “What is the energy of my wand?” Draw a card to reveal your answer. "

I use The Wonderful Light Seer Tarot again a beautiful gift from my dear friend Elaine from Pure Ground Flowers Florist , And 100% Magical being who crafts the most amazing tools and products!!

There are many different ways to use your magic wand, for us this New Moon I will be using my Phantom Quartz to Enchant Our Yule Star Wreathe find more about that here...

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