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We All must be a part of a culture of Hope

I think at the core of it... We all just want to live in peace.. With sovereignty.. with heart and meaning... watching our Children grow in peace and safety... The direction of this world is troubling....Deeply knowing what you know is a double edged sword.

The last 7 months have been heartbreaking at times.. mixed stories of hope and inspiration to such pain... Through Consulting I am seeing the impact of this situation.. how its ripping through people lives...Physically,Emotionally and even Spiritually...

A friend of mine today sent me a video about container homes.. it was inspirational and another sent me a video which I will love to share, later this evening.....Its Beautiful.. I was grateful.. A Beautiful Cabin in the Woods... One day I see myself living that way too.. In a yurt or cabin....Solar and Wind.. Plugged into the Internet.S I still Love Netflix and of course able to Consult.. In a same yet different way.. I have a client in Rhode Island USA she is starting to design small container homes.. Yet So much right now is polarised...

Today I refunded a lady her fee... Her Husband has just been made redundant... her Business crushed to bits.. two young children.. She was so fearful.. and to make matters worse.. she draws out cash to make sure she has enough money in her purse for food,for this week at least.. before all the direct debits swallow it all up....

We spent time gently anchoring her and her Husband, who joined the call... He was a humble gentle man... The Consultation helped ... Her Mum coming through... The simple act of refunding the Fee was about one thing!! To give them hope.... To show them, their are people that care...

I'm convinced the only way we will navigate the coming months is by heart-led leadership... Building and nurturing Community... That Fee was hugely important to me too... Yet one simple act.. The smallest of things can make the biggest of changes...Not something I can do everyday...But Today I did!! And for now I will continue to anchor myself and those that I care about..

And nurture Community.. The Circle of Giving is a Circle.. The skills and wisdom I foster was shaped and gifted to me from my Elders... and Good Friends... For me its about using that with integrity, care and consideration... I will continue to teach the little guy with love all that is in my heart.. for he and his generation are the future..

We All must be a part of a culture of Hope

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Unknown member
Sep 16, 2020

It’s such a scary time Shane for so many!

bless you for that lovely gesture, it sounds like it would have meant so much to them.

I worry about the impact of the kids at school, having a vulnerable daughter. it’s a job to know what is best, for their health but also their well being!

On the farm we are like a large family and have all created a big bubble so we keep ourselves safe but also keep the men working the land.

I popped into Crawley town today for the first time since before lockdown. it’s just all so strange

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