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We are approaching Midsummer!! Blot/Rite and Deeper Threads!

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

We are approaching Midsummer. This day is the day we gather and traditionally bring in our Garlic harvest, which was planted on the arrival of “ Winter Nights “ or Vetrnaetr (October 31st): The end of the harvest!! Simple yet deep alchemy and magic, as it's planted in the darkness and harvested in the light!! We celebrate Solstice this way, sharing a mug full of Mugwort Ale!!

A Blot and offering to the landwights that dwell on the land, we work and care for!! Giving thanks to them, and to Freya our beloved Goddess, performing a blessing for the land that holds good until next years Garlic Harvest.. It is also the time of the union of Frey and Freya who combine their energies to make the flowers turn to fruit. Heimdall and his rainbow bridge can be honoured at high summer.. The making of wreaths, fire offerings, and the adornment of fields, barns, and houses with greenery and flowers, all can be found at this time , To watch the sunset. drum, share a story or two .Woven from the Garlics Journey, journey from The Darkness into the Light..

Plaiting and hanging the garlic for it to dry!! Simple yet a beautiful way to mark this time!! For us its a time rather than a day!!

Blot Rite and Ritual to follow..


Summer Solstice Midsummer Blot/Ritual

All Father, Frey and Freya receive our Blot and offering of Mugwort Ale and Elderflower.

Bless this land and all those that tend to it. All Father, Frey and Freya hear our prayers, let them move onto you, for you Freya are remembered and never forgotten, you are remembered and so to are your songs and stories.

We honour the disir the female ancestors along our line, those that farmed the lands before us, the wives, mothers and warriors, The Volva, Seers, whose blood and bone now rest in these lands.

We Ask that no Mora bring bad dreams into this place, that no ghostly Gandi restless or troubled spirit enter its gate, home or dwelling that we rest and reside at!!

We honour the stories of old, and breathe life into the new, weaving the threads from there to here and here to there, as we harvest our garlic, we weave and plait the story's.

Let there be ease of heart upon our lands, our homes and our lives.

We honour the Landwights, Eden the Guardian Spirit that nurtures this land.

Let peace be upon this place now and forevermore.

Let the Harvest Begin!!



As we approach Solstice we cast a Rune the Rune that was pulled was Wunjo, it unlocked a beautiful story and message , for it is the inner urge and fire the hearth within that leads to deep solid realisation of your soul’s true will, your inner fire, sovereignty and leadership It integrates pain, trauma and sorrow, transforming them into abundant gifts, and rich deep lessons, manure for the soul. In Wunjo we find harmonious energies, moving from harm to healing. Remember our Shield and its story of Ancestry and its medicine story, Our Rune and its story, talk about the characteristics in functional families, group affiliations, healthy societies and nations and ultimately, the world.

Wunjo is the rune that weaves us back into the whole. It is the alignment of individual will with the will of the community and ultimately with the divine will.

The art of correct ‘wishing’ is perfected by seeking your unique purpose in life and aligning your thought and action with it. It is the motivation to act upon your true will which opens the path to completing your personal purpose in this lifetime. Step by step, life by life, we fulfill our cosmic destiny. This is the essence of the Law of Attraction, and a core magic of the Northern tradition.

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