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Winternights / Smahain All Hallowed Eve Rite Come and join us!

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

We warmly invite you to our Autumn Equinox rite and to join our Community

Come and join us for Winternights ~ Samhain ~ All Hallowed Eve Saturday October 29th 2pm to 6pm Hosted beyond the Woodland Gate!!

Winter Nights celebrated by both our Nordic and Irish Ancestors, it was also known as Nos Galan Gaeaf is an “ysbrydnos” – a “spirit night”, when the veil between our world and the Annwn (the underworld) was believed to thin, allowing departed souls to wander the mortal plane. Nos Galan Gaeaf, a night of fortune telling, songs and roaming monsters. The rituals and customs of this night, thought to mark the official beginning of winter and the 'dark' half of the year, can tell us a lot about our past relationship with death and mourning. People would avoid cemeteries and crossroads altogether, believing spirits would gather there. Once night fell and the fires were lit, families would gather to sing and dance and tell stories, roasting potatoes and apples in the flames.

We will cast the Circle as the rim of the Cauldron of Annwn. All those there stand upon that rim.

On Saturday we will call out the names of those we miss, and we will listen and honour the names of those called out by others. And we will also know that although we stand in a circle of individuals, we are also One.

We will craft a “ Dream Weaver” for those that are attending please bring any stones, feathers or crystals, beads and such that you wish to craft into yours, Our “ Dream Weavers will act as a magical totem, and anchor that will journey with during the liminal, dream time between , winter nights/ Samhain and yule!! Beautiful enriched alchemy right there…

We will together place our cauldron on the fire, full of a hearty Pumpkin Soup, break bread and a treat of spiced pumpkin donuts..

Whether you will be celebrating Samhain or Beltane, we wish you all peace and blessed be.

Things to Bring please bring a warm blanket or poncho, Seasonal flowers and offerings for the Altar! Whilst our rites are a gift to our community, a cash donation to Dad for hosting us is greatly appreciated..

We are so excited and honoured to share and warmly invite YOU on this journey with us..

Our vision and offerings of Seership, Healing, Foraging, Immersive experiences and Journeys..

A journey that is rooted into remembrance.

To join us for our Rites and Journey's we would ask you to join our Community space a space that supports and merges our on and offline Community!!

We all have a truly rich heritage of deep mystical knowledge: wisdom and direct experience that courses through our veins. We descend from the Mystery Schools

It's not time for a revolution, it's time to lean into what has worked for hundreds of years. We will guide you to places you have long forgotten, to a place where we all belong.

The Gateway is the first of our immersive journeys, taking you through "the gateway" both physically and spiritually. Are you drawn to connect more fully to the woodland (and yourself!) and work with what it has to offer in a humbly respectful way? Do you yearn to learn the lore of the land and discover the magic therein?

We invite you to take the step through The Gateway on our first 1-day experience and rekindle the remembrance within... Feeling the call?

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