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You are The Medicine You are The Light, LIGHTING up this WORLD This Winter Solstice.

Leaning Into the Dark to Find the Light

We as human beings need light. Our spirits need uplifted and renewed. Feasts and festivals help to refresh and restore us from the daily hardships of living. They lift us up and bring us closer towards the traditions we have our faith in. We especially need this closer relationship to the light in the heart of winter’s darkened time, when so much of life goes underground, and dormancy rules the cold barrenness of the season.

A growth process always has points we where are required to trust the process. We find ourselves in times when we have to make decisions or take definitive steps forward, without knowing the outcome or the opportunity waiting for us in advance. This is what a true faith requires of us. This differs from ‘blind faith’, which is born more out of ignorance, or a denial that refuses to face what is in front of us.

True faith is a surrendering into the great unknown, while trusting the process that new life always, eventually and inevitably, follows what is dying away.

This Blog and words above are by – Michael Mervosh The title is mine

Within the recent past On that shortest day I have been honoured to hold a simple Rite, Ceremony and Ritual with my Father on his land!! Together We took a simple offering of Oats and Honey and Mead giving thanks to the land and all that it gives!!

We gave thanks to all those we hold dear!! We gave thanks to those that came before us and those yet to come!! We gave thanks to the land and its people to its stories and all that it teaches us.. We Held and raised Odin's Horn to honour all those agreements made in this coming year!! To Friendships and Bonds past present and future, all celebrated and remembered honoured and loved!!

Wishing you all The Brightest of Solstice's

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