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Your soul didn’t come here without a plan!! Spring Equinox Earth Journey

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

March 26th Gathering at the woodland gate for 11.30/45 am for a 12 Noon start - To complete for 4pm

“The Old Norse cosmology gives us the awareness that while lightness may bring enlightenment, it is the darkness that initiates Change.” S. Kelley Harrell

From the darkness we arrive in the light.

From The Dreaming we continue to drift more deeply into the Awakening!

Ostara and Spring is when our energy moves from the inner to the outer, and there is encouragement for us to express ourselves.

What message do you want to share with the world at this present moment?

How you live your life is your silent message to others, and it touches people in ways you’ll never even know. This comes across in your actions toward others, but also in how you approach your everyday life. Your true message is less about “doing” and more about “being.

Within our Ostara - Spring Equinox Rite we will take a Shamanic Drum Journey, into the centre of our Stone Circle..

It is here we explore important questions..

What is calling into balance, what is shaping our lives ?

We will seek guidance with the Celtic Spirit Oracle cards and share their stories.

What has been stirring in you these long nights? What dreams have you been tending? How can I step into My Light?, My Greatest Potential? How Can I Courageously Move Forwards? How Can I Be Brave?

What Have You Been Dreaming? & Who Have You Been Dreaming With? When we dream alone, we dream, yet when we dream together we shape reality!! Some people really support us in our dreams. They dream with us, so they strengthen that dream, and others known or unknowingly work against it.

Who are you dreaming with?

A twig Tree Dedicated to Ostara, Freya and Brigid and to the mighty All Father Odin.. A tradition and threads flow back 1000’s of years. Birch, Blackthorn, and Hawthorn twigs were gathered around dusk and brought into the house and the dwelling, for these trees are the first to bud and blossom the home is humbly decorated, honouring the return of Spring.


Your soul didn’t come here without a plan, and even though you may not have conscious access to this entire plan, small glimmers and hints are sent to you as long as you learn how to surrender and trust the flow of your life.

The path your soul mapped out for you is the path of your higher self; it is the path of the Divine. When you align on this path, your only goal becomes staying in alignment.

For us this is what we explore in our Rite and Earth Journey!

Our highest destiny is already unfolding; we just have to align with it and allow the Universe to take the lead.

Place your hand on your heart and ask the Universe to guide you. Ask to be shown the way. Surrender your own plans, your own visions, your own desires, and ask to be guided. Are you becoming what you dream? Are you living from the inside out?

Ask the Universe to guide you . Trust that your soul knows the way and has already laid out a plan for you.

You didn’t come here empty-handed. Your guidebook is within, and your soul, that essence sitting inside of you, it knows every detail and every word.

While your conscious mind may not remember these details, it doesn’t matter, because as long as you trust, you will be guided you will remember.

Let your heart lead you. Whenever you feel a loving impulse, follow it. Let your actions be an act of gratitude for your own blessings.

As we do so, are we feeling either a Contraction? or Expansion? For these are the whispers of the soul!!


For now there is equal light and equal darkness, it is time to reweave the balance, in doing so we restore what was once taken and ripped from us and lost yet never ever forgotten , the fields, rivers, the forests, our roots. It is here in our total vulnerability, that we can reclaim and remember the deep, enriched lost, forgotten, fragmented, denied, shunned and shamed, oppressed, repressed, and rebirth ourselves back to Wholeness, to move beyond a time of learning to a time of remembering, remembrance that is anchored and rooted in love and deep, blood and bone acceptance for all that we are, all that we have been and all that we are to become.

It is not a passive time, a time for sitting back or being on the edge, side-lines, its asking for radical truth, radical responsibility and radical compassion, its asking for fierce love, its asking for us to roll up our sleeves for it requires an active willingness to engage and receive, to be worked on, re-shaped. It is a time for deep listening, to what stirs from that silence. And as painful as that is, it's time for shedding , and from the rubble and remains we can rebuild and reshape, it's from the digesting, dreaming that gives way to becoming.

I felt Brigid appear with a basket of logs. There was such kindness, gentleness and sweetness to her presence.

Brigid nourishes and nurtures us us to Speak our Truth with confidence and grace , she reminds us to align our language with our hearts, to wield the magic of our words, with that which creates, dreams and becomes, weaves light and truth back into our world!!

It was as if she smiled clutching that basket of logs and simply said

“ It's time to rekindle “ The Way Of The Heart” "People cannot manifest from the mind, you cannot think your way into sustainable abundance. It cannot be forced or driven, or willed into being!!

For it comes from the Heart. Are you becoming what you dream?

Humanity is being led to Reframe all of what it has learnt, it's time to unlearn!! It's time to remember, that you all once lived with such goodness, grace and bounty, before it was stolen, taken and ripped away by a few, at the cost of the many!!

This is not something that is taught or learnt, it's felt!!

It's the heart, its expansion, love is the source, love trust and vulnerability, yet with fire in your hearts “

Truly humbled,

A simple image of a basket of logs , that speaks so deeply , as I often say all information is information!!

Brigid She is both a warrior and a healer, aligned with fire and water; Beloved Brigid helps us to honour our polarities, bringing balance within them and to weave our way for the greatest benefit of the whole.

It's the first time I wove this cross in this way, yet it somehow felt very familiar, a simple tradition of casting last years on the fire in thanks and hanging the new. Either beside the hearth, doorway or threshold! It is said that Brigid was born on a threshold, her mother had one foot in the homestead, one foot on the land, and so I’m wishing you the brightest of blessings as you take Brigid’s hand and cross this threshold into the awakening time..

The beautiful picture above is of the weaving my dear Dad crafted within our rite..

Brigid She is of deep healing and transformation. She is said to 'breathe life into the mouth of dead Winter', and with her Willow wand quickens the land, and the seeds of our dreams.

She is the Goddess of the hearth, home and flame, creating a sanctuary in our homes, and showing us how to do such tending once more, she is nourishing, a bringer of warmth and light.

We live in unique and extraordinary times where we’re seeing a revival of the sacred divine in her many forms, and a deep longing to place these nourishing, tending caring nurturing values at the centre of our lives.

In Ireland, the honouring of Saint Brigid’s Day as a national holiday (which started last year in 2022) is a tangible example of this revival taking hold as Spirit continue to say, we are in a cycle of return, we are being woven back into the centre, as we continue to move from harm to healing!!

I recently come across a powerful story

Siobhán McSweeney, an Irish actress known for her role in Derry Girls, recently shared in an article in The Guardian:

“I do think a feminine spirit has finally come back to Ireland. We’ve thrown out the dour masculine authority of the church and patriarchal amendments to our constitution. A wave of feminine energy is wiping away all these manmade things to reveal the country I recognise: partly pagan, matriarchal, intelligent and powerful.”


Those words speak so deeply to me, for the healers, seers, those that tended to the welfare of the clan, tribe and land, had been broken, burned, hung, shamed, their spinning wheels smashed, their drums burnt, and the wells poisoned. They were the leaders, the priestesses of the land!!

So Siobhán’s words resonate so deeply for me, and echoes what I’ve experienced in talking to our Medicine folk here and across the Celtic lands..

We warmly invite you to join us our " The Awakening " - Spring Equinox Rite and Journey " hosted beyond the woodland gate!! March 26th Gathering at the gate for 11.30/45 am for a 12 Noon Start to complete for 4pm

Whilst our rites are a gift to our community, a cash donation to Dad for hosting us is greatly appreciated...

Important Information

We recently took the decision to ask for registration and booking, this allows us to prepare and plan the craft aspect of the journey and as we move into Spring and Summer, it allows us to manage numbers.

So please booking is essential...

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