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What kind of Dreamer are you? Divining the Dreams!!

In this weeks members only video we explore: 

What kind of dreamer are you? Are your dreams infused with symbols or metaphors, or do they contain more mundane images?

Do you remember your dreams? Or do you forget them in the rush of the morning as you wake up to your alarm clock and your mind races for the day ahead? If you want to remember your dreams, place a notebook and pen near your bed, easy to reach when you are half-asleep, and try to jot down just a few words about a dream if you awaken in the middle of the night.

These words will trigger your memory to recall more details about the dream later that day.

Have you ever experienced a marked increase in the frequency of your dreams? 

The Dreamtime - Are You Still Dreaming

Last week we explored the invitation to move intentionally through the last remnants of The Dreaming as we Move into the Awakening!! Brigid's invitation was to see it as great time to pause and work with the dreaming one last time before fully emerging into the awakening!! This week explored how many Indigenous cultures see Dreamtime as “A kind of time out of time … That time before the world itself was entirely awake.” "When we dream alone, we dream, yet when we dream together we shape reality" Is it time for A NEW DREAM FOR THE WORLD Do you ever feel that the dream of the modern world has lost its way become fragmented and broken? Yet a new dream for our world is birthing, a dream in which love and gratitude take precedence over profit and greed; where all life is honoured; "The dream of the Earth shakes us out of our arrogance and ignorance—and calls us to take our seat as co-creators and co-dreamers of a more beautiful world." - Laura Weaver

Tumbling through time - Spring Equinox & Winter’s final new moon - Opportunity for a Cosmic Pause

It has felt we have tumbled through time, heartfelt blessing to you all this Spring Equinox tide and doorway. From the Dreaming of Winter to The Awakening of Spring!! Such a time of rich alchemy, rebirth and renewal.... and an opportunity for a Cosmic Pause The winter’s final new moon is rising on March 21st.


This new moon will plunge us through a threshold, a great time to pause and work with the dreaming one last time before fully emerging into the awakening!! On the nights of, before, and after the new moon, set an intention before bed to remember your dreams, and focus on a goal that you’re hoping your subconscious can grant you insight into. When you wake up in the morning, immediately write down everything you remember from your dreams — descriptions of feelings, locations, energies, people, and situations, even if they seem trivial or silly.


After three nights of new moon dream journaling, spend some time reflecting on the themes, symbols, or recurrent images that came up in your dreams and get creative about applying them to your current situation. New moons naturally enhance our intuition, so you may be surprised by the meaning that comes through. For our Members of Beyond the Hedge we will be exploring an in depth video on this and an oracle card insight find below.

We are our own Oracles - In dreaming, we receive messages and insights...

We are our own Oracles - In dreaming, we receive messages and insights...

In this community - members only content and video we explore a beautiful piece of magic.


 Be sure to watch part 1 Tumbling through time - Spring Equinox & Winter’s final new moon - Opportunity for a Cosmic Pause!!


In part two this  Community Members only insight we go so much deeper!!


Sleep is a kind of medicine. It rejuvenates the body, but it also is a doorway into other realms, and invites us to listen deeply and drift into our subconscious and what Spirit refers “The Dreaming” 


With The Spring Equinox bridging winter’s final new moon. Rising on March 21, This will plunge us through a threshold, a great time to pause and work with the dreaming one last time before fully emerging into the awakening!!


In this video will explore how, and not forgetting a beautiful Celtic Spirit Oracle Card insight.. And what insight it gave us!! 


I had Goosebumps as I turned the card. What a Magical message!!  For it revealed Cerridwen!!


Deeper Insights to the message next week!! 

Weaving The Light pt1 

It's time for radical Truth, Radical Responsibility and Radical Compassion!! For there is so much chaos, fragmentation, the world has lost its mind? How often are you in one day being pulled, distracted, diluted, shoved from presence? There is a subtle heavy blanket slipping over the collective consciousness, anchored in fear, triggering you into fight and flight, yet why? The noise out there is getting louder, it is deafening. The world is ripping itself apart and we are witnessing this dissolution in real time. But there is a profound message amongst all that noise and contradiction, if we can get quiet enough to hear it. When nothing is clear and everyone seems to be screaming and contradicting each other, you are being called to make a choice. That choice is between chaos and peace.

Weaving The Light pt2 -Light Body - Anchoring   Technique - Members Only Content

To choose peace is to come back to yourself, to your intuition, your higher self, that part of you that is unwavering and universal, the part of you that instinctively knows what is real.


What is the Lightbody? Is there a way to build one? Yes - Listen to the pathway to building the Living Lightbody. 

Beyond The Hedge - Community / Members Only Video to be dropped into that beautiful space Sunday 12th 7pm GMT 2pm EST 1pm CT


Where we will explore some simple yet hands on techniques to hold, protect, and nurture your energy!! And importantly root and anchor yourself into light!!

From The Dreaming to The Awakening

From “The Dreaming “ to The “ Awakening “ In this video I share with you an experience Jo and I had standing at the Altar last Friday!! Brigid appeared with her basket, it was full of logs, she was wrapped in her green cloak, soaked from rain, her eyes kind, and knowing, she stood with poise in the doorway, we know how Spirit love doorways, transitional spaces, thresholds, gateways, doorways… As we often say, all information is information .. Then the penny dropped. She is standing at the threshold waiting to come in, well in two days time its Imbolc, the 1st of February which is in honour of her, its her day, celebrated across Ireland and the Global Heathen / Celtic community.. She simply smiles and says to me from “The Dreaming” comes “The Awakening” what a powerful message!! If you had a question for Brigid what would it be? Towards the end I turn a Celtic Spirit Oracle card. How does the message speak to you? How does it relate to your question? Something we will explore next week in our next video!! Until next time sending you all so much love x

Making Your Tarot Cards Your Own

This Weeks Development Tip!!! We explore some wonderful Subscriber Questions!! "Hi I have just brought some Tarot/Psycards how do I make them my own!!!" Also what do you do with The Now The Never and The Enquirer Card!!! Julie H Get to know your Tarot deck. Make time to explore it!!! Think of it as an actual person or a living breathing energy!!! Here are some possible questions you might ask: Draw a card to answer it and record your impressions in your Tarot journal. What kind of a Tarot deck are you? What card sums up your personality?

The Only Psychic Protection Your Ever Need

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING... More of a Workshop Than a Video!!!

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