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Personal Consultation's

Important Booking Information at this Time 

Hi I am a Holistic Medium based in beautiful Sussex. Your reading will be straight-forward, with no nonsense. My readings are realistic and empowering.
I find that many of my clients are standing at a crossroads within their life, lost, anxious and very unsure. Experiencing a conflict between head and heart, creating indecision.

I will make a link to yourself then to spirit, bringing a description of who I am connecting to, who they are to you, and then allow them to give any guidance or advice for you. Whatever is needed at this time. This can be loved ones, guides or both. Then I will explore the Psy Cards.   You will find your reading will be solution orientated not prediction based. Each reading is always personal and confidential.

I get many requests every day for face to face clients so there are times I have a waiting list. I suggests at these times readings via Skype which works in the exact same way as if I were in the room with you. Maybe consider booking one of the group reading sessions, held in a relaxed and intimate setting. If you and some friends wish to have a fun and lively evening of spirit contact then maybe a group reading option is for you.


Of course, there are many other ways to see or speak to Shane and even study with him. Check out our Interactive Podcast Show. 


I offer readings face to face also via  Skype - Shane's Skype contact is shane.gadd  bookings for Skype can be made via our Click & book Service 


Shane offers 1 hour consultation via Face to face, Skype & Email, all Consultations  are recorded as a sound file and sent to our clients by email. Please note all files  sent as a digital download we are now unable to send



My practice address:

Langley Green


West Sussex
RH11 7UG


I will give you precise details of the practice location in Crawley when we make the first appointment.



See Lisa's reading here to see what to expect...

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Personal Mentoring 

Life Design Program

I know how Challenging it can be to make lasting integrated changes in your life. Many people can feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin or start. Other people know where to begin, but are overwhelmed by the prospect of the journey and change ahead. And some people simply benefit from some guidance along the path ahead ,and to have someone hold them accountable .


Some of what we explore through the Mentoring Sessions are:


Are you in a Alignment? if not why not?

Are you ready for change ?

What are your emotional needs?

What are your Physical Needs?

What are your Spiritual Needs?

Is your Environment and the People in your world healthy for you?

Are they Supportive?

An Asset to you or a liability to you?


I can help: I have years of mentoring, guiding, and training experience, and I’d like to work with you, one-on-one, as your personal mentor we focus on solutions to support you in ways that you become a whole healthy happier person.


Mentoring is for those who already worked with Shane this may of been a personal consultation, this way we know there is a good fit to what we do.  At the heart of our work is alignment and fostering a good sense of self, Shane will also help you discover your inner compass your very own inner guidance system, tools that quite literally live beyond the hour that go onto  support you in all areas of your life.


This package includes:

1 pre-session consultation via email with additional resources

1 private one-hour, one-on-one mentoring session

1 post-session simplified action plan

1 Follow up one-hour, one-on-one mentoring session 3/4 weeks later

1 final Session

Access To Life Design Resources via  Password supplied within your Follow Up Package..

VIP Complementary  Academy Membership Access all areas for 1 month with the opportunity thereafter to join a subscription plan…  

This can be Face to Face or via Skype 


A reading or perhaps more a teaching with a reading attached. The unexpectedness of the session has left me a little dumbfounded. Shaking me to the core, as my spirit guides gave me lessons, encouragement, and a jolly good kicking to continue to pursue the spiritual path that I have embarked upon late last year (its June now). The audio file of the session that Shane provide has been invaluable. I have listened to it many times and each time deriving encouragement and additional insights into the lessons and the course of actions needed. Each time of listening reinforcing my resolve. A thoughtful gift that compliments the beautiful spiritual wisdom arising from the session. I am truly grateful for all that had arisen, it was a special reading with some wonderful guides. Shane conducted this session with great sensitivity and profound sense of wanting to help. He had immense patience in delivering the messages, explaining it from a few angles to help fully illuminate its points. Shane is the genuine article, you will know when the content delivered has that clear ring of truth and aligned with deep wisdom that can only come from the other side. All the best and thank you! Chung


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We can offer personalised gift vouchers.

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One to One bookings:


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