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Personal Consultation's

Hi I am a Holistic Medium based in beautiful Sussex. Your reading will be straight-forward, with no nonsense. My readings are realistic and empowering.
I find that many of my clients are standing at a crossroads within their life, lost, anxious and very unsure. Experiencing a conflict between head and heart, creating indecision.

I will make a link to yourself then to spirit, bringing a description of who I am connecting to, who they are to you, and then allow them to give any guidance or advice for you. Whatever is needed at this time. This can be loved ones, guides or both. Then I will explore the Psy Cards.   You will find your reading will be solution orientated not prediction based. Each reading is always personal and confidential.

I get many requests every  there are times I have a waiting list. I suggests at these times readings via Skype which works in the exact same way as if I were in the room with you. Maybe consider booking one of the group reading sessions, held in a relaxed and intimate setting. If you and some friends wish to have a fun and lively evening of spirit contact then maybe a group reading option is for you.


Of course, there are many other ways to see or speak to Shane and even study with him. 


I offer readings  via  Skype - Shane's Skype contact is shane.gadd  bookings for Skype can be made via our Click & book Service 


Shane offers Consultations via , Skype & Email, all Consultations  are recorded as a sound file and sent to our clients by email.


 Please Note Our Email Address has changed to  :




See Lisa's reading here to see what to expect...

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