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Welcome to my Online Shop! Here you will find all sorts of material to inspire and help you connect with spirit in your own unique way. You'll find books, CD's, talks & meditations to get you back in touch with your psychic abilities you were born with. The next thing you know we'll be mentoring you on your way to a professional standard!


Enjoy! Shane

'The Long Road Home - The stories behind the stories'

   by Shane Christian Gadd

Download and Purchase your copy of The Long Road Home Volume 1 "Where it all Started" Audio Version - "The Stories within the Stories ". A exciting Insight into Shane Christian Gadd's world and where it all started . Its now available as an Audio Book.  Four exciting parts that not only take you on a journey but leave you wanting more!!  To Purchase The complete Audio book with bonus material please click on Album £7.99


Volume 1 The Stories Behind The Stories 


Now Available at introductory price of  £7.99

Until 20th December 2017 then £9.99

I will always (not just at Christmas) value experiences over possessions. Possessions are nice, but they rust, fall apart, get lost stolen, break . Experiences can’t be taken from us. They have eternal value, they live on within us... How about giving one of our  Gift Vouchers!! Tools that Live beyond the Hour!! 


 Unique Rune Sheet!!  A4 Size

Rune Watermark Shane Gadd.png

The Norse word Runa means a mystery or secret. Ancients believed that rune readers possessed great mystical powers.

My study of the Runes, no doubt like most people, began with the story of Odin’s own ordeal and sacrifice on Yggdrasil, the World Tree.

Working with Runes has brought an amazing slice of magic to my LIFE!! Purchase your very own unique Rune Sheet Designed and crafted by our dear friends at Tribal Angel 

£7.49 includes UK P&P

£7.49 includes UK P&P

Pure Ground Flowers Magical Tools and Supplies

The Most Beautiful handcrafted Magical Tools and supplies  from Sage Sticks to Feather Wands made by my dear friend Elaine, in The North of England.. These tools are made with so much heart.     

Talking With Spirit

ONLY £3.99 - Meditations and Work Projects are free

A Psychic and Mediumship Development Course

Andrew Gadd has produced a very useful training aid DVD for any person wanting to know more about or wanting to become a medium. This is like a good book, video and resource aid all rolled into one.  Philip Solomon.

I purchased your DVD course - it is excellent. I have trained in a few different areas but I have to say this is the most well presented and I'm really pleased I bought it. Thank you. Melissa.

Total length: 140 minutes      Special Features are Meditations and Work Projects
To Purchase Yours Click Here  
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