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Beyond The Hedge

Where the ordinary and the extraordinary come to rest in each others arms!!


It's not time for a revolution, it's time to lean into what has worked for hundreds of years...

Explore our offerings that we are weaving consciously and become a part of our beautiful community. 

Earth Journeys' approach to nature connection is spiritual but deeply practical: inspired by a deep-rooted belief in the power and beauty of the more-than-human world, yet firmly grounded in the realities of everyday life. Community content is informed by a wide range of sources, from earth-based practices to mythology, folklore, spellcraft, rituals, recipes and beyond, and includes…



  • Welcome videos to help you feel at home and find your way

  • An introduction to the  Wheel of the Year

  • Exclusive access to a wealth of developmental resources in holistic mediumship and healing



  • New Moon Oracle card insight with pathworking 

  • Energy Insight for the coming month



  • An array of Spellcraft and Ritual Inspiration

  • Recipes and Craft Workings

  • Songs and Stories

  • Priority Invitation to Earth Journeys Rites and Immersive Experiences!! 

  • Access to a wealth of seasonal resources as the wheel turns...


The doors have now closed to create a tight container to go deep to journey and transform together! 

Our Next Enrolment  into our Hedge School Community is between 7th & 21 June 2023 yet as a valued part of our community we are offering you the opportunity to join today..

You can - Click Below To Subscribe - Membership £5/mth



Once Subscribed we will email/ issue you a password to access this beautiful space / within 1 working day.

We Invite you Beyond The Hedge our Community Space.
A place that is beyond learning, it's rooted in remembrance 

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