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Some of what Inspires me

Simmple Truths for a complicated world 


I just feel Without a doubt in this modern world just maybe we all need to become a little more wild and feral and tap back into our Ancestral roots!! To slow down and connect with what is important what is real, what is meaningful , slow seasonal living. 


For me without a doubt growing food, forging and forming a conscious relationship to the land rather than seeing yourself as separate feels to be so important, it's about a sense of immersion, interwoven and interconnected!!! Most importantly rather than living off the land, its living with the land. I guess that is calling me to look and evaluate where we are all heading…


 A simple whole connected life which is calling me louder than ever!!!  A place of belonging and Roots!!! Gathering around a table beside the fire, connecting and living with a sense of heart and connection. Rather than living at such a speed there is no sense of connection to those really important things in life, possibly living in some of the ways as our grandparents did? 


Meeting that Primal urge to grow food!!! Its hardwired in us all!! 

“Start a garden and see what happens” said a voice from deep inside me!! 

“You have touched and grown so many things in this life, now it's time to grow a Garden!!”


Many people don’t know how to start a garden or they’re overwhelmed by what they think it takes, its simpler than you would ever think.  From my own experiences as a novice, yet I had the best of teachers My Dad and his Dad before him.  I can say that the process is much easier than you think and the rewards far greater than you ever imagined.

It all starts with that first seed. Durring the Covid 19 Crisis I stared to nurture The Conscious Kind Food Project 

 It’s more about the discoveries I made because I started a garden these last few months.  It’s about rediscovering my connection with food, life and what really matters.. All of of which is  why I want to be part of the growing  process moving forward.


 I do hope it inspires you to consider planting a seed or two.


I watched a beautiful film recently that spoke about us moving Into The Age of The Farmer a primal urge a hardwired urge to get back into the rhythms of the land!!! 

And this really sums up what I am trying to say here...  Beautiful short film talking about our relationship to time, to knowledge and really importantly each-

Me taking the Long Road Home - Scotland, Leaving the Mountains behind us!! 

I truly believe our search for food, for sustenance, goes much deeper than cravings.  There is something more primal, hardwired deep inside us. I believe that there is an inner voice, some remnant, maybe even an echo of what once drove our ancestors.

What can  we say about the food system we are reliant on today?  I’m confident that we all know the answer to that one. There is little reason to eat the season when you buy Cucumbers in December? 

Hope is there if you look in the right places.  My 6 year old has become an active part of our garden. Learning lots from his Grandpa, and his Mum keeps Bees on his Grandpa's land,  He waters, weeds, prunes, harvests, and now even eats.  

Maybe that deep rooted instinct is telling me that the way we live is needed to return to a way that we lived once before.

A powerful transition is happening inside me  and I’m just glad to be a part of this journey. A powerful transition is happening inside him and I’m just glad to be a part of his journey too. 


Anything grown from the earth has a season.  And within that season is that singular moment in time where the flavor will simply never get any better than it is right now.  Until modern agriculture introduced a new method people fortunate enough to live in areas that provided year round would adjust their diet as the season required.  Others had to move from one area to another in pursuit of the next meal. The ebb and flow of the seasons replaced one dietary staple with another. The process was natural, sustainable, and predictable.

Growing a garden is intuitive

Where do I start?  How do I know what to grow?  How much do I need to water these things?  The list goes on and on where do you start!! therefore many people never get started.

What the process has taught me in my short experience growing vegetables is that Mother Nature gives you time to learn if you’re observant and inquisitive.  Too little water and your plants will alert you with wilted leaves. Not enough sun and they reveal that truth as well. It is so much more than growing a garden!!! I started with a few pots and now there is my own little plot… Its a life changing journey!!

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